Insurance Categories

  Abandoned Construction Project Abandoned Property Abandonment Insurance Abuse and Molestation Insurance Accident Insurance Accident- Occupational Accident Insurance Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance AD&D Accounts Receivable Insurance Acid and Chemical Damage Insurance Adult Day Care Facilities Insurance Advertising Sign Companies – outdoor Aerosol Containers – filling or charging for others Agribusiness Farm & Ranch Insurance Agribusiness Insurance Agricultural Insurance Agricultural Services Insurance Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment – dealers or distributors and installation Alarms – Security Systems – Monitoring Insurance Alarms and Alarm Systems – Installation, Servicing or Repair Insurance Alien Abduction Insurance Ambulance Service Insurance Amusement & Recreation – Bands, Entertainers & Actors Amusement & Recreation – Billiard Parlors Amusement & Recreation – Bowling Centers Amusement & Recreation – Dance Studios, Dance Schools, Public Dance Halls Amusement & Recreation – Device Parlors, Arcades, Gambling Machine  Amusement & Recreation – Fitness Facilities, Health Clubs, Gyms Amusement & Recreation – Gambling Establishments, Game Parlors Amusement & Recreation – Golf Courses, Golf Club  Amusement & Recreation – Outfitters & Guides Amusement & Recreation – Professional Sports Clubs Amusement & Recreation – Racing Including Track Operation Amusement & Recreation – Shows & Exhibitions Amusement & Recreation – Sports & Recreation Clubs Amusement & Recreation Insurance Amusement Centers Insurance Amusement Devices Insurance Amusement Park Insurance Analytical Chemists Anhydrous Ammonia Dealers and Distributors Animal & Veterinary Services Insurance Animal Mortality Insurance Animal, Pet & Animal Mortality Insurance Animals – Draft Animals Saddle for Rent Animals Saddle Liability Annuities Antique Dealers Antique Stores Apartment – Commercial Insurance for Apartments Apartment Building Owner Insurance Apartment Buildings Apartment Buildings – Garden Apartment Buildings Insurance Apartment Buildings or Hotels – Time-Sharing – 4 Stories or More Apartment Buildings or Hotels – Time-Sharing – Less than 4 Stories  Apartment Commercial Building Insurance Apartment Hotels – 4 Stories or More Apartment Hotels – Less than 4 Stories Appliance Distributors  Appliance Stores  Appliances and Accessories Appliances and Accessories – installation, servicing or repair  Arboreta And Botanical Or Zoological Gardens Archery Ranges Archery Ranges – indoor Architects & Engineers – A&E Armored Car Service Companies Insurance Army and Navy Stores Art Galleries Asbestos Abatement Liability Insuance Asphalt or Tar Distilling or Refining Asphalt Works Assault & Battery Insurance Association – Community Association Insurance Association – Condominum & Homeowenrs Insurance Association – Homeowners Association Association Insurance Associations & Organization – For Profit Associations & Organization – Non Profit – Business Associations Athletic Games Sponsored Insurance Athletic or Sports Contests Insurance Athletic Programs Insurance Athletic Teams – Professional or Semiprofessional Auctioneers  Auctioneers – Livestock  Auctions  Auto Insurance Auto Insurance – High Risk Auto Insurance – Nonstandard Automobile & Vehicle – ATV – All Train Vehicle Insurance Automobile & Vehicle – Dune Buggies Insurance Automobile & Vehicle – Motorcycle Insurance Automobile & Vehicle – Private Passenger Auto Insurance Automobile & Vehicle – Recreational Vehicle Insurance Automobile & Vehicle – RV Insurance Automobile & Vehicle – Snowmobile Insurance Automobile Dismantling Automobile Parts and Supplies Distributors Automobile Parts and Supplies Stores Automobile Renting or Leasing Companies Automotive Stores – Auto Parts & Supply Stores Automotive Stores – Tire Dealers Aviation – Aircraft Insurance Aviation – Airplane Renters Insurance Aviation – Airport – lessees of portions of airports engaged in the sale of aircraft Aviation – Airport Runway or Warming Apron – paving or repaving, surfacing, resurface Aviation – Airports – Commercial Aviation – Airports – Private Aviation – Drone Insurance Aviation – Drone Product Liability Insusrance Aviation – Non-Owned Drone Liability Insurance Aviation – Non-Owned Drone Physical Damage Insurance Aviation – Unmanned Aircraft  Insusrance Aviation – Workers Comp Insusrance Aviation Insurance Aviation Risks Bailee Insurance Bakeries Bakery Plants Barber or Beauty Shop Supplies Distributors Barber Shops Bathhouses or Bathing Pavilions Bazaars – operated by the insured Beach Chairs and Umbrellas – rented to others Beaches – bathing – commercially operated Beaches – bathing – not commercially operated Beauty Parlors and Hair Styling Salons Beverage Bottler Beverage Distributors Beverage Stores – Liquor and Wine Beverage Stores – Soft drinks and Beer Bicycle Stores – sales and servicing Bicycles – rented to others Billiard or Pool Halls Bingo Games Blacksmithing Blanket Contractual Liability Insurance Blasting Operations Blood Banks Boarding or Rooming Houses Boat & Personal Watercraft Insurance Boat Dealers Boat Insurance Boat or Ship Building Boat Rental Insurance Boat Repair and Servicing Boat Storage and Moorage Boat Yards or Marinas Boat, Yacht & Watercraft Insurance Bobtail Liability Insurance Boiler & Machinery Insurance Boiler Inspection, Installation, Cleaning or Repair Bonds Bonds – Bail Bonds Bonds – Bid Bonds Bonds – Cannabis Bonds Bonds – Construction Bonds Bonds – Contractors License Bond Bonds – Court Bonds Bonds – ERISA Bonds – Fidelity & Dishonesty Bonds Bonds – Financial Guarantees Bonds Bonds – Fudiciary Bond Bonds – Judicial Bonds Bonds – Lean Release Bonds Bonds – License & Permit Bonds Bonds – Lost Instrument Bonds Bonds – Medicare Provider Bonds Bonds – Misc. Guarantee Bonds Bonds – Payment Bonds Bonds – Performance Bonds Bonds – Probate Bonds Bonds – Public Official Bonds Bonds – Reclamation Bonds Bonds – Subdivisions Bonds Bonds – Surety Bonds Book and Magazine Stores Bookbinding Botanical & Zoological Gardens Bowling Lanes Boy or Girl Scout Councils Buffer Layer Insurance Building Cleaning & Maintenance & Janitorial Services Building Cleaning & Maintenance Services – Housekeeping  Building Material Dealers Building Material Distributors Building Structure – Raising or Moving Buildings or Premises Burglary Insurance Bus Stations or Terminals Business Commercial  Insurance Business Insurance Business Interruption Insurance Business Owners Policy – BOP Business Services Business Services – Check Cashing Services Business Services – Construction Management Services Cable Installation in Conduits or Subways Cable or Subscription Television Companies Caisson or Cofferdam Work  Caisson or Cofferdam Work – Foundations for Buildings Camera and Photographic Equipment Stores Camper or Travel Trailer Sales Agencies Campgrounds Camps – Resort Camps – Sport Camps Camps – Youth Camps Camps Guest Ranchers Camps Insurance Candy or Confectionery Stores Cannibis Insurance Cannibis Marijuana Insurance Car Wash Insurance Car Washes    Car Washes – Full Service Car Washes – Self Service Care, Custody And Control Insurance Cargo – Intermodal Container Cargo Cargo & Freight Insurance Cargo Air Cargo Coverage Cargo All Risk Policy Coverage Cargo Basic Coverage Cargo Freight Brokers Cargo Inland Marine Cargo Insurance Cargo Insurance Cargo Liability Insurance Cargo Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Cargo Motor Truck Cargo Legal Liability Insurance Cargo Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance Cargo On Hook Cargo Open Policy Coverage Cargo Package Policy Coverage Cargo Shipping Agents & Related Services Cargo Transit Insurance Policy Cargo Trip Transit Policy Coverage Carnival or Circus Companies Carnivals – outside Carnivals or Circuses – in tents Carpet, Rug or Upholstery Cleaning  CAT Capacity Insurance CAT Property Insurance Catalog or Premium Coupon Redemption Stores Catastrophe Insurance Caterers Catering Food Trucks Catering Off-Premise Catering Trucks Ceiling or Wall Installation – metal Cemeteries Charterers Legal Liability Insurance Chemical Distributors Children’s Playcenters – indoor Chimney Cleaning Clay or Shale Digging Cleaning – Outside Surfaces of Buildings Clothing or Wearing Apparel Distributors Clothing or Wearing Apparel Stores Clothing Stores Clothing Stores Insurance Clubs – Activity Clubs Clubs – Civic, Service or Social Clubs – Comedy Clubs Clubs – Country & Golf Clubs Clubs – Country Clubs Clubs – Golf Clubs Clubs – Health Clubs Clubs – Horseback Riding  Clubs – Nightclubs & Cabarets  Clubs – Racquet Sports & Handball Clubs – Social Clubs Clubs – Sport Clubs Clubs – Swimming Clubs Insurance Collateral Protection Insurance Collectibles and Memorabilia Stores College Saving Plans Commercial Auto Insurance Commercial Auto Insurance Ambulances Commercial Auto Insurance Antique Autos Commercial Auto Insurance Armored Cars Commercial Auto Insurance Business Auto Insurance Commercial Auto Insurance Cannabis Delivery Commercial Auto Insurance Catering trucks Commercial Auto Insurance Concrete Pumpers, Ready Mix, Cement Mixers Commercial Auto Insurance Courier & Parcel Delivery Commercial Auto Insurance Crane & Boom Trucks Commercial Auto Insurance Dump Trucks Commercial Auto Insurance Farming & Livestock Commercial Auto Insurance Fire Department  Commercial Auto Insurance Food Delivery Commercial Auto Insurance Food Pizza Delivery Commercial Auto Insurance Food Specialized Delivery Commercial Auto Insurance High Risk Commercial Auto Insurance Law Enforcement  Commercial Auto Insurance Livery Public Auto  Commercial Auto Insurance Livery Public Auto – Airport Limousines Commercial Auto Insurance Livery Public Auto – Airport Shuttle Commercial Auto Insurance Livery Public Auto – Buses Commercial Auto Insurance Livery Public Auto – Courtesy Shuttle Commercial Auto Insurance Livery Public Auto – Limousine Commercial Auto Insurance Livery Public Auto – School Buses Commercial Auto Insurance Livery Public Auto – Taxicabs Commercial Auto Insurance Medical Marijuana Delivery Commercial Auto Insurance Non-Emergency Ambulances & Medivan Commercial Auto Insurance Nonstandard Commercial Auto Insurance Para Transit & Ambulances Commercial Auto Insurance Passenger Transportation Commercial Auto Insurance Police Cars Commercial Auto Insurance Public Entity Auto Commercial Auto Insurance Sand & Gravel Haulers Commercial Auto Insurance Schools Commercial Auto Insurance Septic Tank Pumpers and Haulers Commercial Auto Insurance Tow Trucks Commercial Auto Insurance Truckers – Transportation Commercial Auto Insurance Truckers Owner Operator Commercial Auto Insurance Trucking For-Hire – Transportation Commercial Auto Insurance Trucking Interstate & Intra Commercial General Liability Insurance Commercial Insurance Commercial Liability Insurance Commercial Package Insurance Commercial Property Insurance Commissary Work Communication Equipment Installation  Communications Services Community Recreational Facilities Comprehensive General Liability Insurance Comprehensive Personal Liability Insurance Computer Consulting  Computer Data Processing  Computer Programming  Computer Service & Maintenance & Related Services Computer Service or Repair Computer Stores Concessionaires Concrete – Mixed in Transit Condo Association Condomimium Association Insurance Condominium Unit Owner Insurance Condominiums  – Commercial Warehouses  Condominiums – Commercial Building Condominiums – Commercial Shopping Centers Condominiums – Insurance HO-6 Condominiums – Residential Construction Insurance  – Crane Services Insurance Construction Insurance  – Owner Contractor Controlled Insurance Project (OCIP) Construction Insurance  – Owners & Contractors Protective (OCP) Construction Insurance – Builders Risks Insurance Construction Insurance – Course of Construction Insurance Construction Insurance – Design and Build Insurance Construction Insurance – Developer Insurance Construction Insurance – Homebuilders Insurance Construction Insurance – Owner-Builder Insurance Construction Insurance – Project Manager Insurance Construction Insurance – Wrap Ups Insurance Consultants Insurance Content Insurance Contingent Insurance Contingent Liability Insurance Contractors – Air Conditioning Contractor Contractors – Artisan Contractors  Contractors – Artisan Contractors Insurance Contractors – Asbestos Certification Contractor Contractors – Awnings Contractors – Boiler, Hot Water Heating & Steam Fitting Contractor Contractors – Builders Risk  Contractors – Building Moving Contractor Contractors – Cabinet, Millwork & Finish Carpentry Contractor Contractors – Central Vacuum Systems Contractors – Ceramic & Mosaic Tile Contractor Contractors – Communication Equipment  Contractor Contractors – Concrete Contractor Contractors – Condominium & Townhouses New & Remodeling Contractor Contractors – Construction Clean-Up Contractor Contractors – Construction Zone Traffic Control Contractor Contractors – Course of Construction Contractors – Debris Removal Contractor Contractors – Demolition Contractor Contractors – Developer Contractors – Door, Gates & Activation Devices Contractor Contractors – Drilling, Blasting & Explosive Contractors – Drilling, Blasting & Oil Field Work Contractor Contractors – Drywall Contractor Contractors – Earthwork & Paving Contractors Contractors – Electrical Contractor Contractors – Electrical Sign Contractor Contractors – Elevated Floors Contractor Contractors – Elevator Contractor Contractors – Excavation Contractors Contractors – Fencing Contractor Contractors – Fire Protection Contractor Contractors – Flooring & Floor Covering Contactor Contractors – Framing & Rough Carpentry Contractor Contractors – General Building Contractor Contractors – General Contractor Contractors – General Engineering Contractor Contractors – General Liability Insurance Contractors – General Manufactured Housing Contractor Contractors – Glazing Contractor Contractors – Grading Contractors Contractors – Handyman Contractors – Handyman Contractor Contractors – Hardware, Locks & Safe Contractor Contractors – Hazardous Substance Removal Certification Contractors – Heating, Ventillation & Air Conditioning Contractor Contractors – Home Improvement Certification Contractors – HVAC Contractors – Hydroseed Spraying Contractor Contractors – Insulation & Acoustical Contractor Contractors – Landscape Contractor Contractors – Lathing & Plastering Contractor Contractors – Lathing Contractor Contractors – Liability Insurance Contractors – Lock & Security Equipment Contractor Contractors – Low Voltage Systems Contractor Contractors – Machinery & Pumps Contactor Contractors – Masonry Contractor Contractors – Metal Products Contractor Contractors – Metal Roofing Contractor Contractors – Mobile Home Installation & Repair Contractor Contractors – Ornamental Metal Contractor Contractors – Owner Builder Contractors – Painting & Decorating Contractor Contractors – Paperhanging Contractor Contractors – Parking & Highway Improvement Contractor Contractors – Paving Contractors Contractors – Pile Driving & Pressure Foundation Jacking Contractor Contractors – Pipeline Contractor Contractors – Plumbing Contractor Contractors – Pole Installation & Maintenance Contractors – Pool & Spa Maintenance Contractor Contractors – Power Line Contractors Contractors – Prefabricated Equipment Contractor Contractors – Refrigeration Contractor Contractors – Reinforcing Steel Contractor Contractors – Rigging & Rig Building Contractor Contractors – Roofers Contractors – Roofing Contractor Contractors – Sand & Water Blasting Contractor Contractors – Sanitation System Contractor Contractors – Scaffolding Contractor Contractors – Scaffolding Erection & Dismantling Contractors – Service Station Equipment & Maintenance Contractor Contractors – Sheet Metal Contractor Contractors – Siding & Decking Contractor Contractors – Sign Contractors Contractors – Solar Contractor Contractors – Specialty Contractor Contractors – Sprinklers Contractor Contractors – Structural Steel Contractor Contractors – Suspended Ceilings Contractor Contractors – Swimming Pool Contractor Contractors – Synthetic Products Contractor Contractors – Tree Services Contractor Contractors – Trenching Contractor Contractors – Warm-Air Heating, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning Contractors – Water Conditioning Contractor Contractors – Water Well Drilling Contractor Contractors – Waterproofing & Weatherproofing Contractor Contractors – Weatherization & Energy Conservation Contractor Contractors – Welding Contractor Contractors – Window Coverings Contractor Contractors – Wood Tanks Contractor Contractors Insurance Contractors Insurance Contractors Permanent Yards – maintenance or storage of equipment or mate Contractors Tool & Equipment Insurance Contractors’ Equipment Contractors’ Equipment Dealers Contractos Insurance Contractual Liability Insurance Conventions Convents or Monasteries Copying and Duplicating Services – retail Copyright Infringement Insurance Corporal Punishment Insurance Cosmetic, Hair or Skin Preparation Stores Cosmetology – Beauty Shops Cosmetology – Day Spa & Massage Cosmetology – Electrolysis, Facial Cosmetology – Hairdressers, Barbers Cosmetology – Nail Salon Cosmetology – Tanning Salons Cosmetology – Tattoo Parlors & Body Piercing Cosmetology Insurance Costs Insurance Cotton Compressing Cotton Gin Operations CPL Compulsory Insurance Credit & Collection Services Credit Insurance Crematories Crime Insurance Crop Insurance Crop Spraying Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Insurance Cryptocurrency – Coinbase Insurance Cryptocurrency – Mining Insurance Cryptocurrency Insurance Cyber Insurance Cyber Liability Insurance Cyberspace Insurance Dairy Products Stores Dam or Reservoir Construction Dam, Levee or Dike – existence hazard only Dams & Reservoirs Dance Halls or Ballrooms Day Care Centers Deductible Buy Back Defective Dental Laboratories Department or Discount Stores Detective or Investigative Agencies – private Diagnostic Testing Laboratories DIC – Difference In Condition Insurance Direct Excess Insurance Direct Primary Insurance Directors & Officers Insurance (D&O) Disability Insurance Disappearance Insurance Disinfecting And Pest Control Insurnce Distillation or Extraction Distributors  Distributors – Food or Drink Diving – Marine Dock Operations – Coal, Grain or Ore Draftsmen Drawbridges – existence hazard only Dredging Dredging – gold – endless bucket or ladder type Dredging – gold – floating dragline type Drilling Drilling – water Drug Distributors Drugstores  Drugstores Insurance Drums or Containers Manufacturing – metal Drums or Containers Manufacturing – plastic Dry Wall or Wallboard Installation Dude Ranches Insurance Dwelling Insurance Dwelling Insurance – Fire Dwelling Insurance – Seasonal Dwelling Insurance – Vacant Earthquake Insurance Educational Services – Schools, Colleges, Vocational & Libraries Electric Light or Power Companies Electric Light or Power Cooperatives Electric, Gas, Sanitary Services Electrical Apparatus – installation, servicing or repair Electrical Equipment Distributors Electronic Date Processing Insurance (EDP) Electronics Stores Electroplating Elevator Liability Insurance Elevator or Escalator Insurance Employee Benefit Employee Benefit Plan Employee Dishonesty Insurance Employee Stock Ownership Plan – ESOP Employees Benefits Insurance Employees Benefits Liability Employers Nonownership Liability Insurance Employment – Professional Employer Organization PEOs Employment & Staffing Agencies  Employment Agencies Employment Practices Liability Insurance Employment Practices Liability Insurance – EPLI Energy – Oil & Gas Drilling Energy Related Risks Engineers or Architects – Consulting Engraving Entertainment Insurance  Entertainment Insurance – Film Insurance Entertainment Insurance – Motion Pictures  Entertainment Insurance – Motion Pictures – Film Processin Entertainment Insurance – Motion Pictures – Film Production Entertainment Insurance – Motion Pictures & Allied Services Entertainment Insurance & Motion Pictures Insurance Environmental Insurance Equine Insurance Equine Insurance & Livestock Insurance Equipment Breakdown Insurance Equipment Insurance & Machinery Insurance Equipment Rental & Leasing Services Equipment, Fixtures or Supplies – for bars, hotels, offices, restaurants ERISA – Employee Retirement Income Security Act Errors & Omissions Insurance (E & O) Event Cancellation Insurance Event Insurance – Special Event Insurance Excess Liability Insurance Excess Property Insurance Excess Workers Compensation Insurance Executive Liability Insurance (ELI) Executive, Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Exhibition or Convention Buildings Exhibitions  Express Companies Extortion Insurance Fabric Distributors Fabric Stores Fair Grounds – non-operating season Fairs – outside Farm & Crop Insurance Farm Machinery Operations – by contractors Feed, Grain or Hay Dealers Fence Dealers Fence Erection Contractors Fertilizer Dealers and Distributors Fiduciary Insurance Finance – Banks with Distressed Financials Finance – Depository Institutions, Banks, Saving & Loan, Credit Union, & Non-Deposit Trust Facilities Financial Guarantee Insurance Financial Institution Financial Loss of Tax Revenue Insurance Fine Arts and Collectibles Insurance Fire & Property Insurance Fire Departments Fire Departments – volunteers Fire Extinguishers – servicing, refilling or testing Fire Insurance Fire Protection Equipment Dealers and Distributors Fire Suppression Systems – installation, servicing or repair Firearm Dealers Firearm Insurance Fireproofing – structures Fireworks Exhibitions Fishing Piers Fishing Ponds or Lakes – commercially operated Fishing, Hunting & Trapping Service Fixed Base Liability Insurance Floaters Floater Insurance Flood Insurance Floor Covering Distributors Floor Covering Installation – not ceramic tile or stone Floor Covering Stores Floor Waxing Florists Food & Beverage – Alcoholic Beverages – Pubs & Sport Bars, Taverns, Micro Breweries Food & Beverage – Bakeries Food & Beverage – Bars, Taverns and Cocktail Lounges Food & Beverage – Cabarets, Discotheques & Night Clubs Food & Beverage – Convenience Stores Food & Beverage – Entertainment Establishments – Adults Food & Beverage – Food Stores – Supermarkets Food & Beverage – Ice Cream & Yogurt Shops Food & Beverage – Liquor Stores Food & Beverage – Nightclubs Food & Beverage – Restaurants & Food Establishments Force Majeure Insurance Foreign Insurance Foreign Production Insurance Forestry – Forestry General Services Forestry Service Forgery & Alteration Insurance Forging Work Formal Wear or Costumes – rented to others Foundries Fraud Insurance Freight Forwarders or Handlers Freight Forwarders or Handlers – packing, handling or shipping explosives Frozen Food – distributors Fruit or Vegetable – harvesting contractors Fruit or Vegetable Dealers Fruit or Vegetable Distributors Fuel Dealers or Distributors – coal or wood Fuel Dealers Retail Fuel Oil or Kerosene Dealers Fuel Oil or Kerosene Distributors Fumigating Funeral Homes or Chapels Funeral Services & Crematories Fur – Garments and pelts – distributors Fur or Pelt Processing Furniture or Fixtures – installation in offices or stores – portable Furniture or Woodwork Stripping, Refinishing or Repairing – shop only Furniture Stores Galvanizing or Tinning Gambling – Casinos Gambling – incidental to other operations Gap Insurance Garage & Garagekeepers Insurance Garage Insurance Garage Insurance – Aircraft Dealers Garage Insurance – All Train Vehicles (ATV) Dealers Garage Insurance – Auto Dealer & Garage Insurance Garage Insurance – Auto Dismantling & Salvage Yards & Storage Facilities Services Garage Insurance – Auto Repossession & Recovery Services Garage Insurance – Auto Road Services Garage Insurance – Automobile Parking – Valet Parking Garage Insurance – Automobile Parking Facilities & Service Garage Insurance – Automotive Body & Paint Shop Services Garage Insurance – Automotive Repair Shop Services Garage Insurance – Automotive Services – Towing Services Garage Insurance – Automotive Stores – Tire Dealers Garage Insurance – Automotive Wheel & Tire Sales & Installation Garage Insurance – Boat & Jet Ski Rental Garage Insurance – Boat Dealers Garage Insurance – Car Washes Garage Insurance – Dealers Open Lot Insurance Garage Insurance – Dealers Physical Damage Insurance Garage Insurance – Gasoline Stations Garage Insurance – Motorcycle Dealers Garage Insurance – Motorcycle Repair Services Garage Insurance – New Car Dealership Insurance Garage Insurance – Passenger Car Rental & Leasing Services Garage Insurance – RV – Recreation Vehicle Dealers Garage Insurance – Service Stations Garage Insurance – Snowmobile Dealers Garage Insurance – Trailer Dealers Garage Insurance – Truck Dealership Insurance Garage Insurance – Truck Rental & Leasing Services Garage Insurance – Used Car Dealership Insurance Garage Insurance – Utility Trailer and Recreational Vehicle Rental & Leasing Services Garage Keepers Insurance Garbage or Refuse Dumps Garbage Works – separation for recycling, reduction or incineration Garbage, Ash or Refuse Collecting Gas Companies Gas Companies – natural gas – local distribution Gas Dealers – LPG Gas Dealers or Distributors Gas Distributors – LPG Gas Mains or Connections Construction Gasoline Distributors Gasoline or Oil Supply Stations – retail Gasoline Recovery – from casing head or natural gas Gasoline Stations Insurance Gasoline Stations – self and full service combined Gasoline Stations – self-service Gemstone Cutting or Polishing General Liability Insurance Geophysical Exploration Gift Shops Glass Dealers and Glaziers Glass Insurance Golf Courses  Golf Courses – miniature Golf Driving Ranges Golfmobiles – loaned or rented to others Governmental Subdivision Grading of Land Grain Elevator Operations Grain Milling Grandstands or Bleachers Greenhouse Erection Greenhouses Grocery Distributors Grocery Stores Group Health Insurance Group Life Insurance Guides or Outfitters Guniting or Shot-Crete Gunsmiths Halls Handyman Hardware and Tool Distributors Hardware Stores Hazardous & Waste Management Services Hazardous Material Contractors Health & Accident Insurance Health and Human Services Health Care Facilities – alcohol and drug Health Care Facilities – clinics, dispensaries or infirmaries treatment Health Care Facilities – convalescent or nursing homes – not mental Health Care Facilities – homes for the aged Health Care Facilities – homes for the physically handicapped or Health Care Facilities – hospitals Health Care Facilities – mental – psychopathic institutions Health Care Facilities Insurance Health Care Services – Assisted Living Health Care Services & Providers Health Insurance – Medical Insurance Health or Exercise Clubs Health or Exercise Facilities – commercially operated Health or Natural Food Stores Hearing Aid Stores Heating or Combined Heating and Air Conditioning Systems or Equipment – dealer Hide Dealers and Distributors Hired Auto Insurance Hobby, Craft or Artist’s Supply Stores Hole-In-One Insurance Home Health Care Services Home Improvement Stores Homeowners & Renters Insurance Homeowners Insurance Homeowners Insurance – High Value Homeowners Insurance – Nonstandard Honey Extracting Hospitality Insurance Hotel & Motel Insurance Hotels and Motels House Furnishings Installation House of Worships – Churches, Monasteries, Convents, Mosques & Temples Housing Projects – Federal, State, Local Hunting Preserves Ice Cream Stores Ice Dealers and Distributors Identity Theft Insurance Immigration Reform & Control Act Risks – IRCA Importers In Orbit Coverage Insurance Information Technology Services – Internet & Related Services Infringement Insurance Inland Marine    Inland Marine Insurance Inspection and Appraisal Companies Insulation Work Insulation Work – mineral Insulation Work – organic or plastic in solid state Insurance Agent E & O Insurance Insurance Agent Professional Liability Insurance Insurance Agents Errors and Omissions Insurance Companies Insurance Entities Insurance Legal Defense Insurance Professionals – Accounting Services Insurance Professionals – Actuarial Services Insurance Professionals – Admin Services Insurance Professionals – Advertising Agencies Insurance Professionals – Appraisers Insurance Professionals – Attorneys Insurance Professionals – Auditing Services Insurance Professionals – Billing Services Insurance Professionals – Call Centers Inbound & Outbound Insurance Professionals – Captive Insurance Consultants & Facilities Insurance Professionals – Claim Adjusters Insurance Professionals – Claim Investigators Insurance Professionals – Claims Services Insurance Professionals – Collateral Recovery and Repossession Services Insurance Professionals – Data Processing Services Insurance Professionals – Debt Recovery and Collection Services Insurance Professionals – Document Processing and Editing Services Insurance Professionals – E-Mail Services Insurance Professionals – Emergency Repair Services Insurance Professionals – Employment/Staffing Agencies Insurance Professionals – Engineering Services Insurance Professionals – Environmental Impact Assessments Insurance Professionals – Fax Broadcasting Services Insurance Professionals – Fax Services Insurance Professionals – Fire & Water Damage Restoration Insurance Professionals – Fronting Consultants & Facilities Insurance Professionals – Graphic Art & Logo Services Insurance Professionals – Information Technology Services Insurance Professionals – Inspection Services Insurance Professionals – Insurance Agency  Insurance Professionals – Insurance Agency Acquisition & Transferring Services Insurance Professionals – Insurance Agency Cluster Services Insurance Professionals – Insurance Agency Management Program/Software Providers Insurance Professionals – Insurance Agents & Brokers Insurance Professionals – Insurance Companies Financial Rating Services Insurance Professionals – Insurance Consulting Services Insurance Professionals – Insurance Education, Training & Schools Insurance Professionals – Insurance Information & Referral Services Insurance Professionals – Insurance Licensing Services Insurance Professionals – Insurance Research Organizations Insurance Professionals – Lead Generation Services Insurance Professionals – Legal Services Insurance Professionals – Licensing Services Insurance Professionals – Loss Control Services Insurance Professionals – Mailing List Services Insurance Professionals – Marketing Research Services Insurance Professionals – Mold Mildew Prevention, Inspection & Removal Services Insurance Professionals – Motor Vehicle Records Services Insurance Professionals – Offices – Executive Office Services Insurance Professionals – Photography Services Insurance Professionals – Plate Glass Window Restoration Services Insurance Professionals – Premium Finance Companies Insurance Professionals – Professional Associations Insurance Professionals – Remediation Clean-Up Services Insurance Professionals – Remediation Planning Services Insurance Professionals – Restoration Services Contractors Insurance Professionals – Risk Assessments Services Insurance Professionals – Risk Management Services Insurance Professionals – RRG and RPG Services Insurance Professionals – Self Insured Service Providers Services Insurance Professionals – Surplus Line Filing Services Insurance Professionals – Surveyors Insurance Professionals – Telemarketing Services Insurance Professionals – TPA Services Insurance Professionals – Translators & Interpreters Services Insurance Professionals – Transportation of Documents and Parcels Insurance Professionals – Typing services Insurance Professionals – Web Design Services Intellectual Property Insurance Interior Decorators International Insurance Internet Access Providers Internet Service Providers Internet Technology Business Internet, Information Technology Investigation Service Irrigation or Drainage System Construction Irrigation Works Operations Janitorial Services Janitorial Supplies – dealers or distributors Jetty or Breakwater Construction Jewelry Stores or Distributors Jones Act Coverage Junk Dealers Kennels – breeding, boarding or sales Kidnap & Ransom Insurance Labor Union Offices Laboratories – research, development or testing Lakes or Reservoirs – existence hazard only Land – occupied by persons other than the insured for business purposes Landscape Gardening Launch Coverage Insurance Laundries and Dry Cleaners Insurance Laundries and Dry Cleaning Plants Laundry & Garment Services Laundry and Dry Cleaning or Dyeing Receiving Stations Laundry and Dry Cleaning Stores Laundry Rental Service Lawn Care Services Lawyers & Attorneys Lead Paint Abatement Lead Works – sheet, pipe or shot Legal Services  Lessors Risks Liability Insurance Libel Insurance Coverage Libraries Life Insurance Liquor Liability Insurance Livestock Dealers or Commission Merchants Livestock Sales Companies Locksmiths Lodging – Camps & Recreational Vehicle Parks Lodging – Hotels & Motels, Bed & Breakfast  Lodging – Sporting & Recreational Camps Logging and Lumbering Long Term Care Insurance Lumberyards Machine Shops – NOC Machinery or Equipment Dealers Mail Box or Packaging Stores Mail Insurance Mail Order Houses Mail Order or Online Drugstores Mailing or Addressing Companies Malpractice Insurance Malpractice, Professional Liability & Errors and Omissions Insurance Management & Public Relations Services Management Liability Insurance Manufactureres Manufacturers Insurance Manufacturers Insurance  Electrical Wire or Cable  Manufacturers Insurance  Engine or Turbine – not aircraft – NOC Manufacturers Insurance – Fiber  synthetic Manufacturers Insurance  Pipes or Tubes – plastic Manufacturers Insurance  Textile Products – fabricated Manufacturers Insurance Abrasive Wheel  Manufacturers Insurance Abrasives or Abrasive Products  Manufacturers Insurance Adhesive  Manufacturers Insurance Adhesive Tape  Manufacturers Insurance Aerosol Container  Manufacturers Insurance Air Conditioning Equipment  Manufacturers Insurance Aircraft or Aircraft Parts  Manufacturers Insurance Alarm  – burglar Manufacturers Insurance Alarm  – fire or smoke Manufacturers Insurance Alcohol  – not beverage Manufacturers Insurance Ammunition  Manufacturers Insurance Appliances and Accessories Manufacturers Insurance Asbestos Goods  Manufacturers Insurance Automobile  or Assembling Manufacturers Insurance Automobile, Bus and Truck Body  Manufacturers Insurance Automobile, Bus or Truck Parts  Manufacturers Insurance Baby Food  Manufacturers Insurance Battery Manufacturers Insurance Bearing  Manufacturers Insurance Beer, Ale or Malt Liquor  Manufacturers Insurance Bicycle  Manufacturers Insurance Billiard or Pool Table  Manufacturers Insurance Bolt, Nut, Rivet, Screw or Washer  Manufacturers Insurance Bottle and Jar  Manufacturers Insurance Boxes or Containers  Manufacturers Insurance Brick  Manufacturers Insurance Brush or Broom  Manufacturers Insurance Bus  or Assembling or Reconstructing Manufacturers Insurance Buttons or Fasteners  Manufacturers Insurance Camper Bodies or Camper Trailers  Manufacturers Insurance Campers  – self-powered Manufacturers Insurance Can  – metal Manufacturers Insurance Candle  Manufacturers Insurance Candy or Confectionery Products  Manufacturers Insurance Carbon Paper or Inked Ribbon  Manufacturers Insurance Carpet or Rug Manufacturers Insurance Caulking Compounds, Putty or Similar Products  Manufacturers Insurance Cellophane and Cellophane Products  Manufacturers Insurance Cement or Plaster  – bulk Manufacturers Insurance Cement, Concrete Mix or Plaster  – packaged Manufacturers Insurance Charcoal or Coal Briquette  Manufacturers Insurance Chemicals  – commercial or industrial Manufacturers Insurance Chemicals  – household Manufacturers Insurance China, Porcelain or Earthenware  Manufacturers Insurance Clay Products  Manufacturers Insurance Clock  Manufacturers Insurance Clothing  Manufacturers Insurance Coffins or Casket  Manufacturers Insurance Coke  Manufacturers Insurance Communication or Recording Systems or Equipment  – industrial Manufacturers Insurance Communication or Recording Systems or Equipment  – NOC Manufacturers Insurance Composition Goods  – not floor coverings Manufacturers Insurance Computer  Manufacturers Insurance Computer Software  – pre-packaged Manufacturers Insurance Concrete or Plaster Products – not structural Manufacturers Insurance Concrete Products  – prestressed Manufacturers Insurance Concrete Products – structural – NOC Manufacturers Insurance Contact Lens  Manufacturers Insurance Cosmetics  Manufacturers Insurance Cotton Batting, Wadding or Waste  Manufacturers Insurance Dairy Products  Manufacturers Insurance Detergent Manufacturers Insurance Dextrin  Manufacturers Insurance Die Casting  Manufacturers Insurance Door or Window  – NOC Manufacturers Insurance Door or Window  – wood Manufacturers Insurance Drug  – biological products Manufacturers Insurance Drug, Medicine or Pharmaceutical Preparations  – for animal Manufacturers Insurance Electrical Equipment  Manufacturers Insurance Electrical Generating Machinery  Manufacturers Insurance Electrical Parts, Components or Accessories  Manufacturers Insurance Electrical Power Distribution or Transmission Equipment  Manufacturers Insurance Electronic Components  Manufacturers Insurance Electronic Games  Manufacturers Insurance Elevator  Manufacturers Insurance Escalator or Moving Sidewalk  Manufacturers Insurance Exercise or Playground Equipment Manufacturers Insurance Explosives or Fireworks  Manufacturers Insurance Extracts  Manufacturers Insurance Eye Glass Lens  Manufacturers Insurance Feed  – NOC Manufacturers Insurance Fertilizer  Manufacturers Insurance Fiber  – NOC Manufacturers Insurance Fiberglass  Manufacturers Insurance Fire Extinguishers  Manufacturers Insurance Fire Suppression Systems  Manufacturers Insurance Firearms  Manufacturers Insurance Floor Covering g – not carpets, rugs, ceramic or stone tiles Manufacturers Insurance Food Products  Manufacturers Insurance Fruit or Vegetable Juice  Manufacturers Insurance Fur Garment Manufacturers Insurance Furniture  or Assembling – infants Manufacturers Insurance Furniture  or Assembling – other than wood Manufacturers Insurance Furniture or Assembling – wood Manufacturers Insurance Gas  Manufacturers Insurance Glass or Glassware  Manufacturers Insurance Heating Equipment  Manufacturers Insurance Hone, Oilstone or Whetstone  Manufacturers Insurance Ink  Manufacturers Insurance Inner Tube  Manufacturers Insurance Instrument  Manufacturers Insurance Insulating Material  Manufacturers Insurance Insurance Manufacturers Insurance Jewelry  Manufacturers Insurance Ladder  – NOC Manufacturers Insurance Ladder  – wood Manufacturers Insurance Lamp or Lantern  – NOC Manufacturers Insurance Lamp or Lantern g – electric Manufacturers Insurance Lamp Shade  Manufacturers Insurance Lead  – red or white Manufacturers Insurance Leather Goods  Manufacturers Insurance Light Bulb or Tubes  Manufacturers Insurance Lighting Fixtures  Manufacturers Insurance Lime  Manufacturers Insurance Liquor  Manufacturers Insurance Lubricants  – grease Manufacturers Insurance Machinery or Machinery Parts  Manufacturers Insurance Machinery or Machinery Parts  – construction, mining or mate Manufacturers Insurance Machinery or Machinery Parts  – farm type Manufacturers Insurance Machinery or Machinery Parts  – industrial type Manufacturers Insurance Machinery or Machinery Parts – metalworking Manufacturers Insurance Match  Manufacturers Insurance Mattress or Box Spring  Manufacturers Insurance Medical, Dental, Hospital or Surgical Equipment or Supplies  Manufacturers Insurance Medical, Dental, Hospital or Surgical Instruments  Manufacturers Insurance Metal Foil  Manufacturers Insurance Metal Goods  Manufacturers Insurance Metal Goods  – stamping – not signs Manufacturers Insurance Mica Goods  Manufacturers Insurance Mobile Home  Manufacturers Insurance Modular Units  Manufacturers Insurance Motorcycle, Moped or Motor Scooter  Manufacturers Insurance Musical Instrument  Manufacturers Insurance Musical Products  – prerecorded Manufacturers Insurance Nails or Spikes  Manufacturers Insurance Needles, Pins or Tacks  Manufacturers Insurance Net  Manufacturers Insurance Net  – safety nets Manufacturers Insurance Office Machines  Manufacturers Insurance Optical Goods  Manufacturers Insurance Orthopedic, Ambulation or Prosthetic Devices Manufacturers Insurance Output Insurance Manufacturers Insurance Paint, Varnish, Shellac or Lacquer  Manufacturers Insurance Paper  Manufacturers Insurance Paper Goods  Manufacturers Insurance Parachute  Manufacturers Insurance Pattern  Manufacturers Insurance Pencil, Pen, Crayon or Chalk  Manufacturers Insurance Pet Food  Manufacturers Insurance Photographic Equipment  Manufacturers Insurance Photographic Supplies  Manufacturers Insurance Pipes or Tubes  – metal Manufacturers Insurance Pipes– tobacco Manufacturers Insurance Plastic  Manufacturers Insurance Plumbing Fixtures  Manufacturers Insurance Plumbing Supplies  Manufacturers Insurance Plywood, Veneer or Veneer Products  Manufacturers Insurance Plywood, Veneer or Veneer Products  – without log processing Manufacturers Insurance Prefabricated Building  Manufacturers Insurance Pulp  Manufacturers Insurance Pump or Compressor  Manufacturers Insurance Railroad Engine Manufacturers Insurance Railroad or Other Public Conveyance Cars  Manufacturers Insurance Railroad or Other Public Conveyance Cars Parts  Manufacturers Insurance Razor or Razor Blade  Manufacturers Insurance Refrigeration Equipment  Manufacturers Insurance Rope  Manufacturers Insurance Rubber  Manufacturers Insurance Rubber Stamp  or Assembling Manufacturers Insurance Saddles, Harnesses or Horses Furnishings  Manufacturers Insurance Safes or Safe Vaults  Manufacturers Insurance Salt  Manufacturers Insurance Sewing Machine  – commercial Manufacturers Insurance Sewing Machine g – household Manufacturers Insurance Shoe, Boot or Slipper  Manufacturers Insurance Sign  Manufacturers Insurance Sign  – electrical Manufacturers Insurance Slate Splitting or Slate Roofing  Manufacturers Insurance Soap  Manufacturers Insurance Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment  Manufacturers Insurance Steel Wool or Wire Wool  Manufacturers Insurance Swimming Pools or Accessories  Manufacturers Insurance Syrups or Molasses – refining, blending or  Manufacturers Insurance Tank Building  Manufacturers Insurance Telecommunication Equipment  Manufacturers Insurance Television Picture Tube  Manufacturers Insurance Tent or Canopy  Manufacturers Insurance Textile  Manufacturers Insurance Tire  Manufacturers Insurance Tobacco Products  Manufacturers Insurance Tobacco Products  – cigars or cigarettes Manufacturers Insurance Tobacco Products  – plug or snuff Manufacturers Insurance Tool  Manufacturers Insurance Toy or Game Manufacturers Insurance Trailers  Manufacturers Insurance Truck  or Assembling Manufacturers Insurance Turpentine or Rosin  Manufacturers Insurance Twine or Cordage  Manufacturers Insurance Umbrella or Cane  Manufacturers Insurance Valves  Manufacturers Insurance Vegetable Oil  Manufacturers Insurance Vending Machines  Manufacturers Insurance Venetian Blinds  or Assembling Manufacturers Insurance Watch or Watch Case  Manufacturers Insurance Wax or Wax Products  Manufacturers Insurance Wax, Wax Products or Polish  – floor Manufacturers Insurance Wheel Manufacturers Insurance Wicker, Rattan, Willow or Twisted Fiber Products  Manufacturers Insurance Wigs or Hair Pieces Manufacturers Insurance Wine  – sparkling Manufacturers Insurance Wine  – still Manufacturers Insurance Wire Cloth  Manufacturers Insurance Wire Goods  Manufacturers Insurance Wire Rope or Cable  – metal Manufacturers Insurance Wood Products  Manufacturers Insurance Wood Turned Products  Manufacturers Insurance Workers Compensation Manufacturing Insurance Marine Appraisers or Surveyors Marine Insurance Markets Markets – open air Marriage Bureaus & Wedding Chapels Masonry Mausoleums Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood – curing Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood – distributors Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood Processing – in airtight containers Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood Processing – not in airtight containers Meat, Fish, Poultry or Seafood Stores Mechaical Device Insurance Medical Marijuana Dispensary Medical Offices Medical, Dental or Surgical Diagnostic Treatment Machines or Devices Manu Medical, Hospital and Surgical Equipment and Supplies – rented to others Medical, Hospital and Surgical Supply Stores Medicare Supplemental Insurance Mercantile Risks Insurance Metal Dealers or Distributors – nonstructural Metal Dealers or Distributors – structural Metal Erection – decorative or artistic Metal Erection – frame structures, iron work on outside of buildings Metal Erection – in the construction of dwellings not exceeding 2 stories Metal Erection – nonstructural Metal Erection – steel lock gates, gas holders, standpipes, water towers Metal Erection – structural Metal Extraction or Refining Metal Heat Processing Metal Scrap Dealers Metal Works – shop – decorative or artistic Metal Works – shop – structural – load bearing Metal Works – shop – structural – not load bearing Metals – extraction or refining – chemical processes Metals – extraction or refining – electrometallurgical processes Metals – extraction or refining of ferrous metals – blast furnace or other Metals – extraction or refining of nonferrous metals – blast furnace or o Mexican Automobile Insurance Milk Depots or Dealers Milk Processing Mining Mining – surface Mining Operations Insurance Mobile Home Insurance Mobile Home Parks Insurance Mobile Home Sales Agencies Model Homes Money & Security Insurance Mortgage Impairment Liability Mortgage Insurance Motorcycle Insurance Museums Museums & Art Galleries Music Stores – Pre-recorded Musical Instrument Stores Nail Salons News Syndicate Services  Newspaper or Magazine Distributors Newsstands No Fault Insurance Non Owned Auto Insurance Nursery – garden Occupational Accident Insurance Ocean Marine Insurance Office Machines or Appliances – installation, inspection, adjustment Offices Oil or Gas Lease Operations Oil or Gas Lease Work by Contractors – not lease operation Oil or Gas Wells Oil or Gas Wells Supplies or Equipment Dealers Oil Refineries Oil Rig or Derrick Erecting or Dismantling – wood or metal Oil Still Erection or Repair On-Hook – In-Tow Insurance Optical Goods Stores Orchards and Vineyards – operation by contractors Ore Milling or Processing Owners, Landlords & Tenants Liability – OL&T Packing Houses Paint, Wallpaper or Wallcovering Stores Painting – exterior Painting – interior Painting – shop only Painting, Picture or Frame Stores Paper Coating or Finishing Paper Products Distributors Paper, Rag or Rubber Stock Dealers and Distributors Paperhanging Parades Parking  – Valet Parking Insurance Parking Insurance Parks or Playgrounds Insurance Participants Insurance Penal Institutions Pension Plans Personal & Advertising Injury Liability Insurance Personal Indemnity Protection Insurance Personal Injury Insurance Pest Control Services Insurance Pet Grooming Pet Insurance Pet Stores Pet Training Photo Finishing Laboratories Photographers Photographic Studios & Portrait Services Piano Tuning Picnic Grounds – commercially operated Pile Driving Pipeline Construction Pipelines  Pipelines – operation Plastic or Rubber Supply Goods Distributors Plate Glass Insurance Plumbing and Fixtures Supplies – dealers and distributors Political Campaign Headquarters or Offices Political Risk Insurance Pollution Insurance Pollution Insurance Pollution Pollution Liability Insurance Pollution Product Pollution Liability Insurance Prefabricated Building Erection Premises & Operations Liability Insurance Print Shop Printers or Electrotypers Supplies – distributors Prior Act Insurance Privacy Protection Insurance Private Household Services  Prize Indemnification Insurance Prize Indemnity Insurance Produce Handling or Packing Product & Completed Operations Liability Insurance Product Exposures Insurance Product Insurance Products Liability & Products Related Insurance Professional and Trade Associations Professional Liability Insurance Professional Liability Insurance – Architectures and Engineers Professional Liability Insurance – Attorneys Professional Liability Insurance – Home Inspection Professional Liability Insurance – Insurance Agents Professional Liability Insurance – Miscellaneous Services Professional Liability Insurance – Real Estate and Property Services Professional Liability Insurance – Technology Services Professional Services Property & Casualty Insurance Property Insurance Property Insurance – All Types Property Insurance – Apartment Building Property Insurance – Commercial, Industrial Buildings & Retail Centers Property Insurance – Distressed Properties Property Insurance – Land Property Insurance – Personal Property Property Insurance – Vacant Property Protection & Indemnity Insurance  Protection & Indemnity Insurance Including Jones Act Public Administration Insurance Publishers – books or magazines Publishers – newspapers Pyrotechnics Insurance Quarries Race Tracks – motorized vehicles Race Tracks – NOC – operators Racing Racquet Sports and Handball Facilities – commercially operated Radio or TV Broadcasting Stations Railroad Construction Railroad Protective Liability Insurance Railroads  Railroads – operation and maintenance  Railroads Insurance Ransom Insurance Real Estate Agents Real Estate Development Property Real Estate Insurance Real Estate Property Managed Recording Studios Recreational Vehicle Dealers Insurance Recycling Collection Centers Refrigeration Equipment Deales Reinsurance Rendering Works Rental Stores Rental Stores – machinery or equipment Renters Insurance Repair Services (Non-Automotive) Research, Development & Testing Laboratories Services Retail Services Other Than Stores Retail Trades – Stores Retirement & Pension Plans Retirement Plans Risks Riding Academies Rifle or Pistol Ranges – indoor Rifle or Pistol Ranges – NOC Rigging  Rigging – ship or boat Risk in Bankruptcy Risks Recycling Facilities Robbery Insurance Rodeos Rolling Mills – cold or hot process Rubber Reclaiming Sail Making Sales or Service Organizations Salt, Borax, Potash or Phosphate – producing or refining Salvage Operations Salvage Operations – removing, sorting, reconditioning and distributing Sand or Gravel Digging Sandblasting Saunas and Baths – public Saw Mills or Planning Mills Schools Schools – colleges, universities, junior colleges or college preparation Schools – correspondence Schools – dormitory facilities Schools – faculty liability for corporal punishment of pupils Schools – private – elementary, kindergarten or junior high Schools – private – high Schools – public – elementary, kindergarten or junior high Schools – public – high Schools – trade or vocational Schools Insurance Secondhand or Salvage Dealers and Distributors Security and Patrol Agencies Security Services – Armored Car Services Security Services – Background Screeners Security Services – Detective Agencies Security Services – Dogs, Rental of: For Protective Services Security Services – Fingerprint Services Security Services – Lie Detection & Polygraph Services Security Services – Private Investigators Services Security Services – Protective Services, Guard Security Services – Security Guard Services Security Services Insurance Security System Services – Alarms Seed Merchants Self Insurance Retention – SIR Self Storage Facilities Septic Tank Systems – cleaning Septic Tank Systems – installation, servicing or repair Sewage Disposal – plant operations Sewer Cleaning Sewer Mains or Connections Construction Sewers Sex Discrimination Insurance Sexual Harassment Insurance Shaft Sinking Sheet Metal Work – outside Sheet Metal Work – shop only Shelters, Mission Settlement or Halfway Houses – not church or office Ship Ceiling or Scaling Ship Chandler Stores Ship Repair or Conversion Shoe Repair Shops Shoe Stores Shooting Ranges Shopping Centers Siding Installation Sign Erection, Installation or Repair Sign Insurance Sign Painting   Sign Painting or Lettering on Buildings or Structures Sinkhole Insurance Skating Rinks  Skeet Shooting or Trap Shooting Ranges Ski Lifts, Tows or Runs Slander Insurance Slate Milling SMP – Special Multiperil Policy Soap Box Derbies Social Gatherings and Meetings – on premises not owned or operated Social Services – consulting services only – operated by the private sector Social Services Insurance Solar Energy Contractors Space Craft Insurance Spas or Personal Enhancement Facilities Special Events Special Events Insurance Spectators And Participants Medical Insurance Spectators Insurance Spill Responder Insurance Sponge Processing Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Distributors Sporting Goods or Athletic Equipment Stores Sports Accident & Liability Insurance Sports Accident Insurance Sports Activities Sports Insurance Sports or Outdoor Activities – commercially operated Sprinkler Leakage Insurance SRCC Stables – boarding, livery or racing Stadiums – operated by insured Stationery or Paper Products Stores Steam Heating or Steam Power Companies Steam Mains or Connections Construction Steam Pipe or Boiler Insulation Stevedoring Stockyards Stone Crushing Stone Cutting or Polishing Stores  Stores Insurance Street Cleaning Street or Road Construction or Reconstruction Street or Road Paving or Repaving, Surfacing or Resurfacing or Scraping Streets, Roads, Highways or Bridges – existence and maintenance hazard Subway Construction Sugar Refining Sun Tanning Salons Supermarkets Surplus Line Insurance Surveyors Swimming Pool Servicing Swimming Pools Swimming Pools – commercially operated Swimming Pools – installation, servicing or repair System Breakdown Insurance Tailoring or Dressmaking Establishments  Talent Agencies Tank Construction, Installation, Erection or Repair Tattoo Parlors Tax Liability Insurance Taxidermists Technology Risks Telecommunication Equipment Providers Telecommunication Service Providers Telegraph Companies Telephone, Telegraph or Cable Television Line Construction Teleproduction Studios Television or Radio Receiving Set Installation or Repair Tenant Discrimination Coverage Tenant Liability Insurance Tent or Canvas Goods – erection, removal or repair – away from shop Tents or Canopies – loaned or rented to others Terrorism Insurance Textile Bleaching  Textile Coating or Impregnating Textile Spinning, Weaving or Knitting Mills Theaters  Theaters – drive-in Theaters – motion pictures Theatrical Companies – traveling Theft Insurance Ticket Agencies Tie, Post or Pole Yard Tire Dealers Tires – retreading or recapping Title Insurance Tobacco Products Distributors Tobacco Products Stores Tobacco Rehandling or Warehousing Toll Bridges Townhouses or Similar Associations Toy Distributors Toy Stores Trademark Infringement Trailer Dealers Trailer Retail Agencies Transportation – Railroad & Related Services Transportation Air Services Transportation Services – Arrangement of Passengers -Tours, Travel Agencies  Travel Agency  Tree Pruning, Dusting, Spraying, Repairing, Trimming or Fumigating TRIA Truckers Insurance  Truckers Insurance – Bobtail Truck Insurance Truckers Insurance – Commercial Truck Insurance Truckers Insurance – Commercial Truck Insurance Truckers Insurance – General Liability  Truckers Insurance – Owner Operator Insurance  Truckers Insurance – Semi Truck Insurance Truckers Insurance – Truck Cargo Insurance Truckers Insurance – Truckers Auto Liability Insurance Truckers Insurance – Truckers General Liability Insurance Truckers Insurance – Truckers Nonstandard Insurance Truckers Insurance – Truckers Physical Damage Insurance Truckers Insurance – Tuckers CGL Trucking & Transportation Insurance Tunneling Umbrella Coverage Insurance Umbrella Insurance Underground Storage Tanks Underpinning Buildings or Structures Upholstering Upholstering – shop only Vacant Buildings Vacant Land Valet Parking Insurance Valuable Papers Insurance Variety Stores Vending Machine Operations Veterinarian or Veterinary Hospitals Video Stores War Risks Insurance Warehouse  Warranty Insurance Waste Haulers Program Water Bottling Water Companies Water Softening Equipment – installation, servicing or repair Waterproofing Weather Insurance Coverage Web Site Designers Weighers, Samplers or Inspectors of Merchandise – on vessels or docks or Welding or Cutting Wharf and Waterfront Wharf and Waterfront Property Wholesale Trades & Distribution Window Cleaning Wire Drawing Wood Preserving Wool Combing, Scouring or Separating from Cotton Wool Pulling Work Comp Insurance Workers Compensation Insurance – Agriculture, Forestery, & Fishing Workers Compensation Insurance – Artisan Contractors Workers Compensation Insurance – Auto Dealers Workers Compensation Insurance – Construction Workers Compensation Insurance – Contractors Workers Compensation Insurance – Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate Workers Compensation Insurance – Garages Workers Compensation Insurance – Government & Public Administration Workers Compensation Insurance – Hard to Place Workers Compensation Insurance – Health Care Workers Compensation Insurance – High Mod Workers Compensation Insurance – Manufacturers Workers Compensation Insurance – Marine Workers Compensation Insurance – Mining Workers Compensation Insurance – Non-Profit Workers Compensation Insurance – Nonstandard Workers Compensation Insurance – Retail Trade Workers Compensation Insurance – Services Workers Compensation Insurance – Small Accounts Workers Compensation Insurance – Small Accounts Workers Compensation Insurance – Transportation, Communications, & Utilities Workers Compensation Insurance – Trucking Workers Compensation Insurance – USL&H Workers Compensation Insurance – Wholesale Trade Worldwide Insurance Wrecking Wrongful Termination Insurance YMCA, YWCA or Similar Institutions Youth Recreation Programs Zoos

The Contractor’s Bond has been increased to $25,000 by the CSLB

According to the press release issued by CSLB on September 30,2022, as of January 1, 2023, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) will require a $25,000 bond from all contractors.


This increase was first announced by CSLB in December 2021. Senate Bill 607, signed into law in 2021, led to the increase. Bonds for contractor licenses (from $15,000 to $25,000) and qualifying individuals (from $12,500 to $25,000).


CSLB distributed notices on September 28, 2022, instructing surety companies to automatically increase bonds currently on file with CSLB for licenses and qualifying individuals. You should be contacted soon if your bond premium changes if you are a licensed contractor.


If you wish to increase your bond, you can contact your surety company directly to confirm they have returned documentation to CSLB. If you know the name of your surety company,


Your bond agreement itself or your broker can provide the name and contact information of your surety.


Please contact your broker or surety company if you have questions about your bond premium increase.


Sureties will have access to new contractor bonds and bonds of qualifying individuals starting in December 2022.


For information about bonds, visit CSLB’s website.