Insurance Categories

  Abandoned Construction Project Abandoned Property Abandonment Insurance Abuse and Molestation Insurance Accident Insurance Accident- Occupational Accident Insurance Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance AD&D Accounts Receivable Insurance Acid and Chemical Damage Insurance Adult Day Care Facilities Insurance Advertising Sign Companies – outdoor Aerosol Containers – filling or charging for others […]

The Use of Insurance as a Risk Management Tool

The goal of risk management is to identify, analyze, and manage loss exposure so that an organization can achieve its goals. The use of insurance is just one method that organizations use as part of their general risk management strategies. Using insurance, an organization or individual is able to transfer the financial consequences of a […]

Commercial Insurance Versus Personal Insurance

Commercial insurance covers businesses (for profit) and nonprofit organizations, whereas individuals and families buy personal insurance to cover non-business insurance needs. Insurance for the property and liability of a restaurant falls under commercial insurance, while homeowner insurance covers the house and personal liability falls under personal insurance.   To liability and property insurers, the difference […]

How does Pollution Liability Insurance work?

In addition to basic property and casualty insurance, pollution liability insurance provides protection against pollution that is not usually covered by standard policies. Construction contractors, commercial real estate businesses, financial institutions and a variety of other sectors can all benefit from this policy. A contaminated site can cause losses and/or damages, such as claims for […]

How Does Gap Insurance Work?

In case your car is totaled or stolen and you owe more than the depreciated value of the vehicle, gap insurance helps pay off your auto loan. A loan-or-lease gap policy is also known as gap insurance. In this case, the insurance coverage applies only to the original borrower or lessee of a new car. […]

What Is Railroad Protective Liability insurance – Explained

Contractors performing work on or around railroad tracks, railroad right-of-ways, or railroad property are required to have Railroad Protective Liability insurance. Contractors are also offered this coverage in addition to other types of insurance required of contractors. Due to the fact that this coverage is not included in commercial general liability (it’s excluded), it is […]

What Is OCP “Owners and Contractors Protective Liability Insurance Coverage” – Explained

Owners and Contractors’ Protective Liability Coverage – offers protection against liability for bodily injury resulting from the work of independent contractors hired by a named insured. The contractor purchases the policy to protect the client (project owner) from vicarious liability in connection with work performed on the project. As part of its oversight of the […]


In the event of an accident, an auto insurance policy for your business could help pay for vehicle repairs or medical bills for a driver. The deductibles and limits of your policy will apply to claims covered by your policy. You should talk to your Safepro Insurance Services Business Insurance agent about coverage availability and requirements in […]

An important benefit of contractor liability insurance

Extremely  Important:  It is extremely important for many professionals who work in construction and development to have contractor insurance. Builders, developers, trade and artisan contractors that perform processes such as carpentry, plumbing, masonry, electrical, concrete, roofing, HVAC, as well as general contractors depend on contractors insurance. The protection provided by insurance has saved many contractors […]