An explanation of workers’ compensation class codes

The workers’ compensation class codes are used by insurance companies to understand the types of work their customers do. In this way, companies can categorize work areas according to the level of risk estimated. Workers’ compensation cost can thus be precisely determined by insurance companies. Workers’ compensation insurance rates are based on NCCI’s classification system, which […]

Workers’ compensation insurance in a nutshell

In the event of workplace injuries, workers’ compensation insurance provides medical and wage replacement (compensation) benefits. Compensation is available only for injuries occurring in the course of ordinary business operation. Businesses with employees in California are required to obtain workers’ compensation insurance from an insurance company or from the state fund. There are large businesses […]

Workers Compensation in the United States: The Background History

Workers Compensation in the United States: The Background History  The idea of providing workers with sufficient protection as well as compensation for the injuries or illness that occurs at the workplace was first introduced at the beginning of the 20th century with the emergence of the trade union movement. The increasing awareness among the general people, […]

Workers Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance is mandatory coverage for business owners in most states in the United States. Apart from being a requirement of the law, it is an essential risk management plan that can help you achieve business sustainability, as it covers your business against claims for: –          Lost wages –          Medical treatment –          Death benefit […]