What Is Railroad Protective Liability insurance – Explained

Contractors performing work on or around railroad tracks, railroad right-of-ways, or railroad property are required to have Railroad Protective Liability insurance. Contractors are also offered this coverage in addition to other types of insurance required of contractors. Due to the fact that this coverage is not included in commercial general liability (it’s excluded), it is […]


In the event of an accident, an auto insurance policy for your business could help pay for vehicle repairs or medical bills for a driver. The deductibles and limits of your policy will apply to claims covered by your policy. You should talk to your Safepro Insurance Services Business Insurance agent about coverage availability and requirements in […]

An important benefit of contractor liability insurance

Extremely  Important:  It is extremely important for many professionals who work in construction and development to have contractor insurance. Builders, developers, trade and artisan contractors that perform processes such as carpentry, plumbing, masonry, electrical, concrete, roofing, HVAC, as well as general contractors depend on contractors insurance. The protection provided by insurance has saved many contractors […]

CA Used Car Dealer Insurance

Insurance for California used car dealers  Managing a used car lot requires a lot of dedication and hard work. This is why having a comprehensive policy for your business is so important. The coverage needs to be tailored to the risks related to the dealership’s explicit liabilities and assets. You can get top-rated insurance when […]

Personal and Advertising Injury Coverage – An Overview

Many risks your business might face are covered by a commercial general liability (CGL) policy. This is often referred to as damage to a person’s person or damage to a person’s property (covering injuries you accidentally cause to a third party). It also has an entire coverage section dedicated to an aspect of business operations […]

What Is Completed Operations Insurance?

Your business’ product or completed operations away from the location of your business are covered under the Products-Completed Operations coverage. Your business can be covered if it causes property damage or bodily injury. General liability policies usually include coverage for completed products operations. Once operations are completed or abandoned, it covers liabilities arising from the […]

Business Liability Insurance in a Nutshell

Business liability insurance, or general liability (CGL) in insurance terms, protects you from various types of claims arising from the operation of your business, such as bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, among others. A quote for general liability insurance typically includes: Bodily injury liability & property damage liability Personal & advertising injury liability Products […]

California Long Term Care Insurance Task Force

While announcing the six appointments to the new Long Term Care Insurance Task Force, Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Luna said, “Our new Long Term Care Insurance Task Force will explore greater options for Californians to help them age with dignity and security. With their deep experience in insurance, culturally competent care and services, and the health […]

What Is A Surety bond?

What Is A Surety bond? A surety bond is a contractual agreement that involves three parties, namely the principal, the surety, and the obligee. It is a risk management plan primarily designed to ensure commitment towards an agreement in business practices. If you are a contractor, you may not be able to bid for or […]

Business Owners Insurance Policy

Business Owners Insurance Policy  A business owner policy (BOP) is a unique insurance type designed to protect major physical assets of a business, and also cover the business against liability risks. Business owner’s policy is sold is offered by property and casualty insurance companies and offers multiple types of coverage. Depending on the degree of […]