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Trucking Operations and Licensing

It is certain that truckers, freight forwarders and public livery, all have governmental licensing requirements. The below description is a basic guideline that brings out an insight about these aspects. In order to get proper advice, you can contact this business insurance agency who happens to be a commercial insurance brokerage specializing in truckers insurance.

Truckers that are hauling for hire with Interstate travel should apply for a permit with the Federal Highway Administration FHWA, which was formerly ICC. In addition, you also need the details on interstate registration of your automobile, that is, (IFTA and IRP).

Moreover, truckers hauling for hire with Interstate travel should apply for the permit with their respective State authority. Each State has its own guidelines in respect to insurance aspects though most of the States have adopted the Federal guidelines. The States however do monitor mainly the safety and insurance issues.

One thing which stands is that truckers that carry out both interstate and intrastate shipments are required to have the State and Federal permit.

Although the public livery operators such as tax limousine and buses are regulated the same way as the truckers, they however undergo more scrutiny than the truckers. They have more requirements on their vehicle liability.

In addition, Freight Forwarders including custom house brokers, forwarders, and NVOCC, are required to obtain freight forwards permits from the FHWA. This applies if they are moving freight between the state or internationally. Also various bonds may be required though it depends on the activities they carry out.




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