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The Motor Truck Cargo insurance Coverage

When transporting goods and commodities, the transporter of the freight assumes the responsibility of the cargo. It is important that the amount of that responsibility is clearly defined and understood by all the parties of the transport agreement before the shipment commences. This is usually done through:

• Agreement
• Bill of lading disclosure
• Or by published tariffs

In most cases, this part of the details is overlooked by the parties. The Motor Truck Cargo coverage offers protection for the freight cargo incase the transporter is involved in an accident that damages the goods or they are lost.

Usually the policy is purchased based on a minimum load per vehicle. One thing you need to understand is that Underinsuring the load can turn to be very detrimental when the damage or loss occurs and a claim is placed. It is therefore important to understand the concept of coinsurance coverage.

This is an insurance policy, which requires a great deal of thinking and evaluation before purchasing it. It can avert the costs that are attached to claims of damaged or loss freight goods.

There is also need to frequently evaluate the nature of freight operations to ensure that the insurance meets to the freight demands. This coverage can be tailored to align to your freight operations and exposure.

At times, some exclusions and guarantee of compliance by you may lead to a situation where there is no coverage. A reputable insurance broker will gather more information from you in order to make the right decision regarding this coverage.

In addition, the Motor Truck Cargo insurance coverage may also have some provisions, which allow you to insure the freight cargo when it is in your terminal or storage warehouse. This kind of exposure occurs if the cargo is not able to be delivered the same day or alternatively it is consolidated in other freight shipments.

This coverage will exist as long as there is no separate amount payment that is made for the warehousing and storage.

Another insurance that is similar to the Motor Truck Cargo coverage is the Warehouseman’s legal Liability coverage. This type of insurance covers the freight cargo that you charge for storage. In this case, you need to use a warehouse receipt that is similar to a bill of lading, for the cargo storage. The receipt should specify the terms of the storage contract.




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