Indiana residents can get help to quit smoking

(Indianapolis, IN – Insurance News 360) – Tobacco users who are struggling to kick the habit may be able to get a bit of help from insurance companies, and the state is urging individuals to check with insurance companies and employers to learn about tobacco cessation options.

Since 2014, insurance policies in the state have been required to cover services and medications to assist tobacco users who want to quit.

All fully-insured plans issued after March 23, 2010 must cover screening and at least two quit attempts per year. These policies are available during open enrollment or during a special enrollment period with the assistance of an agent through the federal marketplace.

Each attempt to quit using tobacco offers four tobacco cessation counseling sessions (whether by telephone, in a group setting or individual counseling) and all FDA-approved medications aimed at tobacco cessation for a 90-day treatment when prescribed.

“Hoosiers seeking tobacco cessation services should check with their health insurance companies regarding coverage and the specific benefits included in their policies,” said Indiana Department of Insurance Commissioner Stephen W. Robertson.

The Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Commission has information on tobacco cessation programs around the state. Visit the state department of health’s website to learn more:

Source: Indiana Department of Insurance.

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