A global initiative by Lloyds’ to address risk in Insurance sector

March 10, 2021

(London, Economic & Insurance News by Insurance Market 360) -Lloyds’ in February 2021 initiated FUTURESET to resolve both ongoing and projected concerns of the Insurance industry by filling the gaps in knowledge, understanding and addressing risk management. This Model was developed by Chartered Insurance Institution (CII) and Lloyds’ market Association (LMA).

John Neal, CEO of Lloyd’s, opined that, ”The launch of Futureset sets in concrete our commitment to be a catalyst for action, and in doing so empowering innovation, economic growth and human progress around the world.”

The six part system of Risk Masterclass is expected to integrate and facilitate service providers, government and consumers for best possible solutions of interconnected challenges and concerns due to Covid-19 pandemic and environment challenges by coordinating with industry experts, academia specialists, government and other interested parties for the larger benefit of the customers and the economy as a whole.

A panel discussion in this context was administered by the CEO of Lloyds with John Doyle, President and CEO of Marsh, Paula Jarzabkowski, Professor of Strategic Management at the University of London’s Business School, Patrick Sterling, RIMS Vice President & Senior Director of Legendary People and Risk, at Texas Roadhouse.

Further, AN EXPERT TAKE a video series was launched by Anne McElvoy from The Economist. These episodes will bring in experts to share their knowledge and guide the stake holders. Robert Hannigan, a leading authority on cyber security and former director of GCHQ, Ann Pettifor, political economist and author of ‘The Case for the Green New Deal are to be the part of future virtual sessions.

Source: Lloyds.com


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