Investigation revealed an Insurance fraud of $ 212,307 by mother and daughter

February 10, 2021.

(Los Angeles, Calif., Economic & Insurance News by Insurance Market 360) – Hazel Edwards, 59, and Laquinta Lowe,38, of Chula Vista arrested in a fraud claims of $2.12Million. Action was initiated on both, with reference to the complaint of Edwards insurance Company in 2018 producing the necessary documents of 2014-2017 on multiple offenses, large theft and fake injuries.

Edward is found responsible for seven cheating cases worth of $131,856 and Lowe, for four cases, $ 80,451.Mother. Both of them were arrested on 17 December, 2020.

Mother submitted documents for reimbursement with regard to continuous injuries by playing softball, head injuries and snakebite; while, daughter, claimed injuries due to  playing football, head hit and snakebite. It was found in the enquiry that both of them submitted fake documents for all the claims claimed and hence arrested. Mother became a role model to the younger one in cheating and illegal actions.

Edwards was sent to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Southwest Detention Facility and Lowe was taken into custody and sent to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department – Las Colinas Women Detention Facility. Bail for each is permitted by the attorney for a value of $50,000. The case is prosecuted by the office of Los Angeles County District Attorney’s and the bail amount for each is $ 50,000

Source: Department of Insurance, California


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