ISO Releases National Building Code Assessment Report

(Jersey City, N.J. Insurance News 360) – On March 19, ISO released the National Building Code Assessment Report, (  which examines code enforcement efforts by more than 25,000 building departments across the U.S. It offers key insights into how building codes can help prevent losses from disasters.

“We have seen heightened incidents of natural disasters during the past few years that have put the nation’s building codes to the test,” said Robert Andrews, vice president and chief field operations officer, ISO Community Hazard Mitigation. “Hurricanes, flood, and wildfire have caused billions of dollars in losses across multiple states. Our new report provides valuable insights about building codes throughout the country and how well they are enforced, which is vital information for communities, municipalities, and insurers.”

The report was developed by the ISO Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule team. The report also features analyses of natural hazards and catastrophes in each state and diverse perspectives on catastrophe mitigation from the federal government, nonprofit organizations, and academia.

Source: Verisk.

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