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Professional Liability Insurance (PLI):

Professional liability insurance is also referred to as errors and omissions (E&O) and professional indemnity insurance is a type of liability insurance that provides professional liability coverage for professionals in a wide range of professional fields.

Professional liability was specifically designed for professional to protect themselves against damages and suite arising out of their professional services which includes advice. Since the commercial general liability policy does not provide coverage for professional liability exposure, hence procuring professional liability insurance is necessary for any individual or company providing professional services. Obtaining a general liability policy is also essentials to cover the liability exposures that are not covered by a professional liability policy.

Depending upon the type of profession, professional liability insurance comes in different names and forms. Errors and omissions refers to the insurance agents and attorneys professional liability policies and malpractice insurance is referred to policies used by medical professions.

Professional liability policies are written on claims-made basis. Policy responds only when the claims are made during the policy period or extended reporting period subject to actual loss to have occurred not prior to retroactive policy date.

Purchasing professional liability insurance from an insurance agent who specializes in professional liability is of paramount importance.

We at Safepro Insurance Services have access to nation’s highest rated professional liability insurance carriers. Due to our extensive background in the field of professional liability insurance; it’s to your advantage to use our insurance agency to obtain your errors and omission, malpractice and any type of professional indemnity insurance.




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