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Contractors Insurance Loss Exposures

Loss exposures for contractors are somewhat different from any other type of business. Contractors either bid for a job or negotiate a contract with a prospective client who needs certain type of construction work done. Because of this, the customer sets the job specification as what needs to be done. Contracting business is generally not set in one location. The job site changes frequently. While a contractor may have control over one job site, the employees or subcontractors may have control over the other job sites concurrently or in series. This range of activities creates a unique loss exposure for contractor that is different from most other types of business. A thorough assessment and risk analysis is essential for any contractor prior to obtaining any contractors insurance. Safepro contractors’ insurance specialists can assist you with your contracting insurance needs and analysis.

Workers Compensation and commercial general liability are the two most procured and necessary types of insurance for contractors.




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