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Business Owner Policy - BOP

Businessowners insurance policy is a type of business insurance that falls under commercial insurance division of property and casualty insurance.

Business Owner Policy also known as BOP is a type of business insurance policy that combines commercial property insurance, commercial general liability insurance, and business interruption sometimes referred to as business income under one package and it’s intended for small to medium size business owners. Optional coverage such as accounts receivable, valuable papers, sign and crime insurance may be added to the policy. Business Owners always face all kinds of risk and it’s a good idea to protect the business from every possible angle. In addition to the above-mentioned coverage, business owner policy offers a wide range of additional coverage. Thus considering all the available optional coverage under a Businessowners (BOP) policy is indeed a good risk management technique.

Types of businesses that qualify for a Businesowners Policy includes apartment building with 60 units or less and 6 stories or less, office building with 100,000 square feet or less and less than 3 stories, mercantile space not to exceed 7500 square feet, bars, condominium, restaurants, food and beverage establishments, manufacturers, mercantile risks and certain contractors.

Prior to development of Businessowners policy, the small businesses had to purchase the coverage separately and generally paid a higher premium. BOP by combining the coverage and offering it at a lower price to qualified small businesses made a great addition to business insurance.

Insurance carriers offering Business Owner Policy have their underwriting guidelines, conditions, restrictions and exclusions. These terms may differ substantially from one insurance company to other, thus the need for an insurance buyer to review and examine all the businessowners’ policy condition, exclusions and terms with an experience insurance agent who specializes in commercial insurance.

Representing over 100 insurance companies who offer Businessowners Insurance Policy, we utilize our comparative insurance rating system to provide you with lowest possible insurance premium and “A” rated insurance companies.

We offer free business coverage analysis for your business. Don’t miss this great opportunity. You owe it to yourself to contact one of our property and casualty insurance agents and discuss your business insurance needs. Please call us at 1-888-411-7679 and speak to one of our commercial insurance specialist for your free quote.




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