Garage Keepers Liability Insurancecover

Businesses that deal with garage operations tend to keep vehicles for their client in the garage,awaiting repair or other types of services they offer. There are risks associated with this type of garage operation. A garage keepersliability insurance policy covers such risks. The vehicle of a customer might be stolen or damaged, while it is in your garage. This insurance policy will help you to compensate for such losses. It complements a garage liability insurance cover.With a garage keepers liability insurance, the customer’s vehicle will be covered against any form of damage. This is on the contrary to the garage liability insurance, which only covers the third party vehicle once it suffers any form of damage.

It covers losses due to theft, lightning or fire, and any other malicious damage to the vehicle of your customer.Due to the exclusion of the coverage of the above risks to the damage caused on the vehicle of the customer on the garage liability insurance, it is essential to take out the keepersliability insurance.This will guarantee full coverage for your business.You have a liability of due care to the vehicle of your customers in your custody. This means that, any loss or damage to these vehicles will be your responsibility. The cost of replacing or repairing a vehicle can be unimaginable. This is enough reason as to why you cannot afford not to take out the garage keepersliability insurance coverage.

Who should purchase this type of insurance?Car dealers, auto auctioneers and valet parking, among other garage operations related businesses should take out this insurance cover. It is advisable to take out the garage keepers liability insurance with the liability insurance cover. A good insurance agent will have the two options for your auto business.This will ensure full coverage for the risk of damage to both the customer’s vehicle and the third party property.In addition to that, it covers the risksassociated with injuries caused to your employees. Accidents are unpredictable and impossible to prevent.They are thus bound to happen at any time.This is the reason why you should take out the garage liability insurance cover for your business.

Garage keepersliability insurance coverage is available in two forms.There is the legal option, which stipulates that the customer must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the insured, who is the business owner, exercised negligence for the damages caused on the vehicle. With this type of option, the insurer has a legal liability to compensate you.On the other hand, there is the option of direct primary and excess coverage. The two options of coverage apply without emphasis on liability. However, when taking out the garage keepers liability insurance, you must choose a limit for the two options.

Safepro provides these types of options for your business. Our qualified staff willadvice you on the best policy that takes into account the needs of your business. This means full coverage and hence your business will not suffer any major losses, when it comes to compensating your customers.

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