Garage Dealers and Garage Dealer Insurance Coverage

There are different types of dealers that qualify for this type of insurance. This will help them to cater for the risks that threaten to shut down their businesses or even harm it financially. It will depend on the success of your dealership business when you take out a reliable insurance coverage. Such dealers include the following for auto dealers garage insurance and auto dealers garage liability insurance.

•    Used car dealers – They deal with sale of light trucks and private vehicles for passengers. The garage dealersinsurance coverage is suitable for their auto dealership business.

•    Truck and tractor dealers – It is suitable for dealers of used trucks and tractors for their major inventory or stock and liability exposure.  Auto dealers garage liability insurance, garage insurance policy, garage insurance company, garage liability insurance, and garage insurance cost are the issues that need to be dealt with diligently. You need an experience auto dealer insurance specialist agent to help you out. We are here to assist you with your used car dealer garage keepers insurance, used card dealer garage liability insurance, used car dealer open lot insurance also known as used car dealer physical damage insurance for the cars parked on the lot and other major types of coverages that may be added to car dealer insurance coverage.

•    Home motor dealers – They can be either franchised or non-franchised motor homes businesses.

•    Trailer dealers – Their major stock of sale are trailers. They can also be franchised or non-franchised. They comprise trailers for trucking operations and camper style trailers.

•    Motorcycle dealers – They can be franchised or non-franchised businesses dealing with sale of snowmobiles, golf carts and motorcycles, among others.

For the above dealers, they can take out the following coverage options of garage dealers insurance:

Garage Liability coverage

This will compensate for any damage of property or bodily harm that you are liable. This type of coverage is efficient as it covers damage or injury due to garage operations or due to damage as a result of use of an automobile covered in the insurance policy.

Garage Physical damage coverage

It covers physical damage to vehicles held as stock for sale. Also, it can cover for scheduled vehicles of customers which are under your care, control or custody.

Underinsured motorist (UIM) and uninsured motorist (UM)

Underinsured motorist coverage focuses on protecting the insured when they are injured by someone who has insufficient insurance to cover for the injury, while as uninsured motorist covers for injuries caused by a person who has no insurance coverage. Both insurance cover policies will be of great help in the case of an accident.

Medical payments coverage

It caters for medical expenses of passengers in a covered vehicle or anyone injured within your premises up to the limit in your policy. The cost of compensating for this might be high and thus cause a strain on you financially.

Garage keepers coverage

It compensates for damages of the vehicle of a customer in your custody for repair, storage, service or keeping safe.

Auto Repair ShopGarage and Garage Insurance Coverage

As a mechanic, you own a repair shop or a garage where you strive to satisfy your clients. Well, just like any other business, your business is faced with the problem of broken tail lights or fan belt among other risks. This can be harmful financially to your business as you will be required to cater for such damage to the vehicle of your client while vehicle in your care custody and control. Settling such costs from your pocket is not wise. Luckily, garage insurancepolicyand garagekeepers insurance has you coverage in terms of the risks associated with your auto repair shop and garage. You can concentrate on satisfying your customers in repairing their vehicles and keeping them on the road, in good condition. Accidents are inevitable while in a garage or repair auto shop. In that case, you need to take out a garage insurance coveragefor your business to cater for the unnecessary costs that pose risks to the success of your business.

Options available for garage and auto repair insurance

Under garage insurance, there is a package of garage insurance coverages that power the automotive repair and garage insurance coverage policies for mechanics. This provides garage liability insurance for facilities that repair trucks and automobiles. And to bridge the gap of their garage insurance coverage, they should examine their other garage insurance coverageoptions which are available to garage owners and auto repair shops.  Such customized insurance options include:

•    Garage keepers including garage keepers legal liability insurance coverage

Garage keeper insurancecoverages the physical damage of vehicles of your customers who have entrusted them to you. Here, there is an option to purchase coverage for physical damages that you are by law liable to or one that pays for any  damage irrespective of whether you are liable or not.

•    Garage liability insurance coverage

Garage liability insurance coveragecoverages liability for accidents in your garage that result to bodily harm and damage of property due to business related operations.

•    Building and personal business property must be purchased in addition to garage liability

It caters for coverage of buildings and personal property, in your business premises, like building and content.

•    Business income and extra expense coverage

It coverages loss of business income from cease of operations as a result of a coverage loss, and extra expense from the same.

•    Crime and fidelity coverageIt coverages dishonesty, fraud, robbery, burglary and embezzlement, from your employees and outsiders. This can result to loss of money or inventory which has adverse effects on the financial position of your business.