Contractors General Liability Insurance Policy

This type of insurance policy covers risks associated with loss exposure. As a contractor, managing multiple sites, you are bound to have a number of employees at these sites. Employees are at a risk of sustaining an injury when in their place of work. The contractorsgeneral liability insurance will cover these type of risk.This also includes medical bills and any sort of bodily harm that the employee may sustain. In most case, costs associated with this type of risk may be too high for you to meet. Fortunately, with this insurance policy, this liability will be taken care of.It is your responsibility as a contractor to take care of your employees in their line of duty.

Under this insurance cover, there is the fire legal liability.Construction sites are prone to all sorts of accidents like fire. This can also be costly for your project. To cope with this type of risk, you need to take up the contractors general liability insurance policy. Contracting business is not asother types of businesses. It is faced with endless risks which when not covered through insurance means, can prove to be uneconomical. For this reason, contractors general liability insurance is a must have.

Construction sites are not only a danger zone to your employees. They can also cause damage to third party property. For this reason, the contractors general liability insurance coversthis type of loss associate with property damage. It is known as property damage liability cover, which is transferred to this insurance policy.As a result, you will be able to afford any loss that arises due to such damage.Contracting businesses in most cases are commercial businesses. Commercial general liability is thus the best for these types of businesses. They cover the general risks that occur in a construction site.

Contractors general liability insurance accommodates advertising and personal injury liability.This covers injury that comes as a result of the injury in the construction site. It is however advisable to carry out a thorough analysis of these risks before taking up this insurance. The number of occurrence and extent of risks will depend on the value of the contractors general liability insurance to take out.Safepro, as the name suggests, has the right tools, staff and experience to carry out such analysis.

Health problems may erupt among your employees due to the unfavorable working conditions at the construction site.This will prompt for immediate medical attention, which you will be liable for.Contractors general liability insurance will cover these types of risks.Medical bills for your employees will be cleared on your behalf.A good insurance policy is expected to minimize the financial impact that you will suffer when the covered risk in the policy occurs.Safepro is on the forefront to ensure that you take out the best contractors general liability insurance for your business. As a result, you will be able to operate your business effectively knowing well that general liabilities are covered. A certificate of liability is issued as evident of existence of the contractors general liability insurance.

Business liability insurance

Businesses are prone to financial losses caused by damage of property by the employees or other factors.In addition to that, injury caused to employees can result to an even greater financial loss to your business.This is where the business liabilityinsurancepolicycomes in. It protectsyour business from loss due to property damage or injury to workers. It combines the two risks which are common in any type of business. Business operations within your premises can cause bodily harm to the people working for you.When such a situation arises, you will be liable for any kind of financial cost incurred. This includes medical expenses and in some extreme cases compensation for the loss of income.

On the latter case, the employee might be injured to a point where he or she is unable to work in thefuture. This means that, as the employer you have the responsibility to compensate the affected individual for the loss of income. This can be difficultfor you to meet these costs.Safepro provides this type of insurance cover to businesses. In addition to that, it offers advice on how to minimize the risks that can prove to be a major set back for your business. In a similar situation, the injury might lead to death of your employee. This means that, you will have to compensate his or her beneficiaries. In this case, the beneficiaries are the people who depended on the deceased worker financially.

Business liability insurance alsoaccommodates any loss due to the damage of property. Third party property might be damaged due to the operations of your business.This damage might be caused by your employees or the equipment you operatewithin your premises. In such a scenario, you are liable to compensate the third party for the losses suffered. With this type of insurance policy, you will be able to meet these costs without any major financial strain. An insurance policy is meant to return you to your financial status once the risk insured occurs. This is the same withbusinessliability insurance cover. Your business is your future when it comes to the source of livelihood.As a result, it is important to take out this liability insurance to ensure no liability loss is suffered.

The value of the business liability insurance is proportional to the risk that your business is exposed to. Payment of premiums will also depend on the deductible value you have to pay in case any risk occurred. Deductible is the amount of money that you are willing to pay once a risk has occurred. This amount is straight from your pocket and should be produced whenever the risk covered in the insurance policy occurs. In that case, you should set a deductible that you can afford at any particular period. However, the lower the deductible, the higher the premiums you pay.Consult your insurance broker on the best value to set your deductible without financially straining yourself in the payment of premiums.At Safepro, there are experienced and qualified staff that will provide you with the necessary assistance.

Garage Keepers Liability Insurancecover

Businesses that deal with garage operations tend to keep vehicles for their client in the garage,awaiting repair or other types of services they offer. There are risks associated with this type of garage operation. A garage keepersliability insurance policy covers such risks. The vehicle of a customer might be stolen or damaged, while it is in your garage. This insurance policy will help you to compensate for such losses. It complements a garage liability insurance cover.With a garage keepers liability insurance, the customer’s vehicle will be covered against any form of damage. This is on the contrary to the garage liability insurance, which only covers the third party vehicle once it suffers any form of damage.

It covers losses due to theft, lightning or fire, and any other malicious damage to the vehicle of your customer.Due to the exclusion of the coverage of the above risks to the damage caused on the vehicle of the customer on the garage liability insurance, it is essential to take out the keepersliability insurance.This will guarantee full coverage for your business.You have a liability of due care to the vehicle of your customers in your custody. This means that, any loss or damage to these vehicles will be your responsibility. The cost of replacing or repairing a vehicle can be unimaginable. This is enough reason as to why you cannot afford not to take out the garage keepersliability insurance coverage.

Who should purchase this type of insurance?Car dealers, auto auctioneers and valet parking, among other garage operations related businesses should take out this insurance cover. It is advisable to take out the garage keepers liability insurance with the liability insurance cover. A good insurance agent will have the two options for your auto business.This will ensure full coverage for the risk of damage to both the customer’s vehicle and the third party property.In addition to that, it covers the risksassociated with injuries caused to your employees. Accidents are unpredictable and impossible to prevent.They are thus bound to happen at any time.This is the reason why you should take out the garage liability insurance cover for your business.

Garage keepersliability insurance coverage is available in two forms.There is the legal option, which stipulates that the customer must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the insured, who is the business owner, exercised negligence for the damages caused on the vehicle. With this type of option, the insurer has a legal liability to compensate you.On the other hand, there is the option of direct primary and excess coverage. The two options of coverage apply without emphasis on liability. However, when taking out the garage keepers liability insurance, you must choose a limit for the two options.

Safepro provides these types of options for your business. Our qualified staff willadvice you on the best policy that takes into account the needs of your business. This means full coverage and hence your business will not suffer any major losses, when it comes to compensating your customers.

Garage Liability Insurance coverage

This type of insurance coverage is designed to cover any damage due to garage operations. Garage liability insurance policy covers both property damage and bodily harm, due to these operations. Businesses that deal with such operations include repair shops, gas stations, valet parking, car and motorcycle dealers and auto auction automotive services. These businesses require a unique type of coverage. This is due to the distinct risks that come with the services that they offer to their clients. It is, therefore, essential to purchase a garage liability insurance cover for your auto services business.

When such risks covered under the garage liability insurance policy occur, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to afford the financial losses suffered. This will depend on the extent to which the risks have occurred. Damage of property, especially third party property, can be unbearable on your part. It may impact a grave financial loss on your business. With that in mind, it is essential to take out the garage liability insurance. On the other hand, bodily harm to, either, your employees or third party, can be experienced. Your workers are part of your liability. In that case, any injury suffered due to the occurrence of the risks covered will be your responsibility. Fortunately, this insurance policy covers such risks. This means that, it will be able to cover any medial expenses or compensation filed by your employees, when the risks covered occur.

Who then should take out this type of insurance cover? It is designed to accommodate the needs of any type of automobile business that deals with garage operations. In that case, any individual or business that deals with auto services should take out the garage liability insurance policy. This will come in handy; in ensuring that risks associated with garage operations are fully covered. It should, however, be noted that different states have different requirements for the garage liability insurance policy. You should thus consult your insurance brokerage firm on the garage insurance options that will best accommodate the needs of your business.

There are restrictions in taking out the garage liability insurance cover for your business. To start with, it only covers risks that are related to garage operations. This means that, you will not receive compensation for any loss suffered as a result of risks that are not related to garage operations. You also need to specify on the risks you want covered in the insurance policy. This will aid the insurance company, which you have taken out the coverage with, to calculate the amount of premiums for you to pay. In addition to that, you will be able to claim for compensation once the covered risks occur.

Safepro provides the best coverage in terms garage liability insurance options for your business. You will also receive the best services in terms of advice on the best policy to take out. Your insurance needs are taken care of when dealing with us. We have a dedicated staff that will make sure that you are fully covered.

Professional Liability Insurance policy

Professional liability insurance provides coverage for professionals, in case of any claim of malpractice by their clients. It is also referred to as errors and omissions. This insurance coverage is aimed to indemnify the professionals when clients suffer financial loss due to malpractice. These professionals include lawyers, doctors and auditors, among others. In their field of practice, they are bound to make certain errors when providing services to their clients. These services can result to a great loss on the part of the client. What follows is a series of lawsuits to compensate the client for the loss suffered. This is where the professional liability insurance comes into place. It seeks to return the insured to their original financial status before the risk covered occurred.

Professionals involved in consultation industry are also prone to being sued. In the process, they will suffer financial loss due to the cost of the lawsuit and compensation for their client. This type of insurance cover complements the general liability cover. The latter does not cover professional liability. In that case, companies or individuals offering professional services to clients should take out the professional liability insurance. In doing so, you will get full coverage for your business operations. Professional services are required in all fields of practice. With that in mind, this policy is essential in indemnifying the insured.

Cases of malpractice and errors in service provision have been on the rise. This may be due to the increase in the demand for these professional services. Medical practitioners in this category, take out the professional liability insurance to cover for risks of malpractice. On the other hand, professionals like lawyers and insurance brokers take out the policy to cover risks of errors and omissions. As a professional, you can never be too careful in terms of service provision. Human error can not be avoided, it can only be minimized. Due to this fact, a professional liability insurance cover is a must have for such professionals. While some insurance brokers lack this type of insurance option for professionals, we at Safepro understand the risks that come with it.

Professional liability insurance policy applies on claims made, insurance option. This means that, claims should be made before the expiry date of the policy. The insurance cover is thus written on this basis. Any claim made prior to the date of the commencement of the policy will be declared null and void and no compensation will be provided. It is essential to talk to your insurance agent on the available professional liability insurance. Many insurance companies shy away from this type of insurance. You should thus purchase the policy from an insurance company that has experience in the sale of professional liability insurance cover, to professional in the field.

Safepro knows the right channels through which you can get an insurer who specialize in professional liability insurance. With years of provision of this type of policy, your insurance needs are covered. It has in mind the needs of different professional companies and the risks associated with them. This is enough reason to consult us for any type of professional liability insurance.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Classifications

General liability insurance for business aims to cover risks of damage or injury to third parities. However, this type of insurance policy varies in a number of ways among different types of businesses. This is due to their difference in business operations. An insurance broker will advice you to take out a general liability insurance that will best fit the needs of your business. It is thus advisable to carry out an analysis of the risks in your business, to determine the best policy to cover the available risks. Classification of general liability is based on the operations and products that particular businesses deal with. Businesses that deal with similar products take out the same general liability insurance. This is because they share the same types of risks.

The amount of premiums also varies with a variation in business operations. Some businesses are exposed to more risks than others. This means that, they will pay more premiums. Safepro understands that commercial establishments are faced with such different risks. In that case, it accommodates these different risks faced by establishments. Safepro deals with businesses in the automobile industry, aerosol industry, abrasive industry and clothing industry, among others. It is thus essential that you inform your insurance broker on the nature of your business operations. This will help them to calculate the amount of premiums you will pay for the coverage of the risks available in the policy.

Changes in the ways of doing business can increase or decrease the risks. This involves expansion of the target market or change of product. This will call for the review of the policy to cover more risks or exclude some risks already indicated in the policy. Commercial general liability insurance will vary depending on the changes made in the business. Talk to your insurance company on the risks covered. In doing so, you will know the available options to adopt to prevent any liability loss. Lawsuits against your business can result to its liquidation. This is due to the heavy financial impact in terms of losses. In that case, a commercial general liability insurance is a must have.

Clothing and automobile businesses do not share the same risks. This means that, their commercial general liability insurance cover differs. It differs in terms of the amount of premiums they pay, the number of risks covered and the nature of risks. It is thus ideal to seek an insurance agent that has customized the general liability insurance for your business. This will help to cover losses due to damage of property or injury to persons. In the end, your business will be fully covered, which means coverage for your losses.

Contact us to get a long list of businesses we cover for the commercial general liability insurance. We will carry out a risk analysis of your business operations to determine the amount of premiums you will pay. We have the best staff that are conversant with the current trends in the field of insurance. Our experience in the insurance industry is unquestionable. With the many clients who have had to work with us, we boast of being the best in the industry.

Certificate of General Liability Insurance cover

When you buy commercial general liability insurance, you need to have proof of this type of insurance. A certificate of general liability insurance is a legal document issued by the insurer as proof of the insurance policy. In this document, the insurer indicates the terms and regulations as contained in the policy. A certificate of general insurance is essential as you will be required to produce it whenever it is required. It might be required by financial institutions, your business associates or even state authorities, among others. This certificate contains everything that you need to know about the policy that you have bought with a particular insurance company. Safepro provides this type of document to businesses or individuals who take out the general liability insurance with them.

Who needs a certificate of general liability insurance? Every contractor or business which has taken out the general liability insurance should be in possession of this document. Most state authorities will not provide you with a permit to work on a project, if you do not have proof of insurance against risks of damage or property and bodily harm on third parties. In that case, it is a must have when undertaking to work on a project, for contractors. With this document, you will be able to prove that you are adhering to the requirements of insurance that you have purchased. You can ask for the certificate of general liability insurance from your insurance broker.

A certificate of general liability insurance is issued by the insurer at no extra charge. However, for any additional coverage on the policy, there might be extra charges to it. This document is ideal when you want to know what is covered under the policy. It will contain the name of the insured and the insurer. In case there are many policy holders, their names will also be included. It will also indicate the date when the policy took effect and the expiring date. As the policy holder, you need to review your certificate of general liability occasionally. This will help you to keep track of the duration your policy. It contains limits and the requirements of the policy you have purchased. These limits are essential during the time of filing for a claim. They will help you to determine whether you qualify for compensation or not, when the risks covered occurs.

Critically analyze the contents of your certificate of general liability insurance to understand the risks covered. Talk to your insurance broker and find out what is not covered. At Safepro, we will help you to interpret some of the technical terms in the certificate of insurance. You will realize that, you need to take out additional coverage for your business. Some insurance companies are limited to cover some risks. You should thus study the policy before taking out the insurance policy. Also in the process, carry out a through risk analysis of your business to determine the insurance policy that accommodates the needs of your business. This will help you to meet insurance needs in covering the risks of damage or injury to third parties.

Occurrence and claims made options of the commercial general liability

Commercial general liability insurance is detailed in terms of the risks covered under the policy. It provides different options to meet the needs of your business. With that said, there are two types of insurance options under this type of insurance. There is the occurrence option, and the claims made option of the commercial general liability. When you decide to take out this type of policy for your business, you need to ensure that major risk areas are covered. This will help to compensate for the loss suffered due to damage of property and injury to persons. When taking out this policy, you should have knowledge of the two available options as their coverage is different.

Occurrence option

Coverage for this type of policy takes effect when the risks occurred before the expiry of the policy, irrespective of when the claims were made. Such claims are made when the third party or your employee suffers any form of injury or property damage. In that case, if your commercial general liability is written on the occurrence form, you will be able to receive compensation even after the expiry of the policy. However, the risk covered had to have occurred when the policy was still active. This option, on the commercial general liability, is effective as you will have time to file your claim. For example: if you are involved in car dealership business where you supply private vehicles and public vehicles to individuals and companies. You sold a truck to a customer on 1st January, 2013. The policy that covers risks of damage or injury to persons expires on 1st January, 2014. However, in the course of the business operations with the truck, the customer realizes that the truck has a faulty engine on 3rd July, 2013 but makes a claim for the loss suffered on 6th January, 2014. This claim will still take effect and the customer is liable for compensation under this option.

Claims made option

Coverage for this type of policy applies when the risk covered occurs within the duration of the policy and the claim is also made within the same duration. These conditions have to be met for you to be covered on the loss suffered. Your clients can file lawsuits due to any type of malfunction to the product you sold them. Lawsuits will be covered by the policy if it is written under the claims made form. However, depending on your insurance agency, there are special options available for this type of coverage. There are extended reporting periods which covers the risks irrespective of the time the loss occurred. There are also restrictions for this type of policy. Coverage for claims made, due to a retroactive date of occurrence, of the risks covered, is not compensated.

Safepro writes such options in the commercial general liability insurance. You will thus be able to get advice on the best option to include in your policy. This will come in handy when making claims against the covered risks, when they occur.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance coverage is designed to offer coverage for both business operations and premises. It thus covers risks such as advertising liability, damage of property by fire or vandalism and bodily harm or injury to persons, among others. It provides full coverage to your business or establishment. For advertising liability, the commercial establishment is liable for any type of injury caused to third parties, due to false advertising. This is negligence on the part of the business, whose products were advertised. This means that, the commercial establishment will be liable to compensate the injured party. On the other hand, injuries caused to employees or third parties are covered under the commercial general liability insurance. Medical expenses in this case are taken care due to the injuries suffered.

Commercial general liability insurance is wide in terms of coverage. It is available in two options. They include the claims made and the occurrence options of coverage. Claims made option is designed to cover risks due to damage of property and injury caused to persons, when reported to the insurance agency, once they occur. On the other hand, occurrence option of coverage covers risks due to damage or injury after they have occurred regardless of the time the claim is made to the insurance company. All these options apply when the risks occur during the period of the policy. If this is not the case, then compensation will not be provided, unless there is an additional coverage that compensates for such risks.

Safepro provides such additional coverage for commercial establishments seeking to increase their coverage options. This additional polices come in two forms. There is the prior acts coverage which entails coverage of claims that occur before the period of the policy begins. On the other hand, there is the run off coverage option that covers claims made on the risks that occur after the expiry of the insurance policy. This will guarantee full protection of your business in case the covered risks occur at any particular period. However, for these options to take effect, you must report the incident, of the occurrence of the risk, to your insurance broker. Commercial general liability insurance will be a perfect insurance cover for your establishment against the risks that pose a liability loss to your business.

Commercial general liability insurance comes with restrictions and exclusions on the extent to which it offers coverage. If the covered risks occur to a faulty building or equipment in the business premises, you will not receive any form of compensation from your insurance company. It only covers risks that are not caused due to faulty equipment. The insured might assume that since the policy covers risks of damage of property and bodily harm to persons, they will receive compensation despite the state of the building. This is not the case with commercial general liability insurance. You should thus review the policy in depth to check on the terms and conditions stated. It is also advisable that you disclose the condition of the property you want to insure against damage. This will help the insurer to provide you with the right insurance cover for your business.

Hazardous Cargo Liability Insurance

This involves coverage of risks due to loss suffered by the third party. Pollution by hazardous materials is common among transporters. It is thus advisable to take out the pollution and hazardous cargo liability insurance cover. Safepro offers this type of insurance service to truckers. For individuals and companies in the trucking business, where they transport hazardous materials from state to state or within the state, it is important that they cover such risks. Pollution of the environment by the materials can result to a great environmental degradation. It is the responsibility of the owner of the business to cover the costs due to this. This can be hefty depending on the extent to which the environment has been polluted. However, with pollution and hazardous cargo liability coverage, you will be able to afford the cost.

Truckers haul anything from petroleum products, chemicals and other non environmental friendly materials. Oil spills have been experienced due to accidents on the roads. Accidents can however not be avoided, but they can be dealt with as they happen. Clearing oil spills from the land or sea can be costly on your part as the contractor. Therefore, there is need to have a pollution and hazardous cargo coverage. Transportation of hazardous materials might have a huge negative impact on the environment as a whole. This can cause outbreak of diseases in the affected region. To curb this type of risks and the losses associated with it, it is essential to take out pollution and hazardous cargo liability insurance policy.

Safepro offers the best insurance for any loss caused by pollution and hazardous materials in transit. Care should be taken when applying for this type of insurance policy. Before getting into a contract with any insurance company, you need to read their terms and conditions as stipulated in the contract document. This will help you to know the extent to which the policy offers coverage for your risks. In addition to that, you should carry out a thorough risk analysis of your trucking business. If you find difficulty in doing this, consult your insurance brokerage firm to aid in the analysis of the risks that might take place. Some risks cannot be ignored as they can lead to a severe financial loss on your part, as the business owner. A pollution and hazardous cargo liability insurance cover will thus come in handy.

Many trucking businesses opt to take this type of insurance cover due to the numerous accidents on the road and rails among other transport channels. Some companies have been faced with massive financial loss as a result of such ignorance. The value of this insurance policy will depend on the safety measures that you take to prevent pollution of the environment by the hazardous materials. In addition to that, the frequency in which accidents occur on the transport channels will be a determining factor. A pollution and hazardous cargo liability insurance policy will thus ensure that your trucking business is covered against any major loss due to environmental degradation.